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Our Four Favorite Design Ideas for Lyrical, Jazz, & Contemporary Dance Costumes

Written by Pam | Sep 21, 2015

Rejoice, my friends! The latest catalog is here: 2015-2016 Lyrical, Jazz, & Contemporary. We have some new additions that we are extra jazzed about (see what I did there?) This has always been one of our favorite catalogs because it offers freedom to incorporate more creative, innovative designs. Here are four of our favorite design ideas from the collection:

1. Street inspired costumes

Simple yet striking. New street inspired pieces have the look of everyday wear but are made for dance, meaning they will stretch and move with you. It's a fresh perspective on Lifestyle items, styled for performance.


Shown left to right: Baylor, Attitude, and Vista Tee


Vista Tee

2. Appliques

Put the perfect finishing touch on your already stunning costume. Add texture and elegance with beaded and sequin appliques, now available for individual sale! Don't have time to put them on yourself? Check out our styles that come with the appliques included!

Madison Applique

3. Mix & Match pieces

1,000's of different style options with 50+ color options means you can get as creative as you want to make the perfect costume! Shades of blue or an edgy black and gunmetal costume? YOU get to choose.

4. Full Skirts

A trend that started to emerge last year is in full force this season! Long, flowy skirts add dynamic movement to your performance. Mesh is the perfect fabric for this trend - lightweight to create elegance to your choreography, and sheer to add visual grace.

Prism Ombre