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The 2015 Midwest & Pacific Coast Synchro Skate Championships Were a Success!

Posted by Trista on Feb 2, 2015

The 2015 Midwest & Pacific Coast Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships were right in our back door this year: at Breamar Ice Arena in Eden Prairie, MN. It's not often that we get to see all the gorgeous dresses we produce in action on the ice, especially so close to home, so the events this week were extra special.

We hosted an open house at our office, and many synchro coaches and teams stopped by to see behind the scenes at The Line Up. The Hockettes found one of their old dresses on our sample rack - a Spiderman themed dress from 2004 that was hand airbrushed by our Owner and Creative Director, Deb Erickson! Thankfully, our new sublimation technology has replaced the messy business of airbrushing, and now we can print directly onto fabric, any design you can imagine!

 The Line Up - Hockettes Spiderman Airbrushed Dress
The Hockettes at The Line Up's office and their Spiderman dress from 2004!
The Line Up - Phoenix Synchronized Skating Team - Jackets
Phoenix Synchronized Skating Team at The Line Up's office - in their new warm-up jackets!

 Many of you stopped by our booth, and entered into our jacket and legging giveaway. And the luck winner is ..... Abby P. from Rhythm & Blades! Congratulations Abby!! Abby won the Embers Pullover from our new Lifestyle line, which was a favorite amongst visitors. Thanks to everyone that stopped by our office and our booth - you helped make it a special and successful week for us, and we value your input and feedback!

 The Line Up - Midwest Pacific Synchronized Skating Vendor Booth Display - Embers Pullover

Our booth display at Mids - and the Embers Pullover from our giveaway contest!



Here are a few costume trends from The Line Up that were spotted at the event:

Bright bold colors

It's hard to resist the appeal of bright, bold colors, which really "pop" on the white background of the ice. Bright blues in particular really looked spectacular.

The Line Up - Chicago Radiance Intermidate - Mids Skate Dress Chicago Radiance Intermidate


The Line Up - Synchro St. Louis Ice Gems Open Juvenile - Mids Skate Dress Synchro St. Louis Ice Gems Open Juvenile


The Line Up - Capital Ice Cadence Preliminary - Mids Skate Dress Capital Ice Cadence Preliminary



Dye Sublimated Theme Costumes

Theme costumes, especially for the Juvenile and Intermediate teams, were made even more phenomenal this year with the use of Dye Sublimation, which allows you the ability to print any design you want onto fabric. The Lion King, Wizard of Oz, and Aladdin themed dresses below all used dye sublimation to create one of kind fabric prints!


The Line Up - Fond Du Lac Blades Juvenile - Mids Skate Dress Fond Du Lac Blades Juvenile


The Line Up - Fond du Lac Blades Pre-Juvenile - Mids Skate Dress Fond du Lac Blades Pre-Juvenile


The Line Up - Phoenix Intermediate - Mids Skate Dress Phoenix Intermediate



Skirt Slits & Bright Underskirts

We enjoyed seeing bright underskirts peek out through slits during turns, spins, or leg lifts. Skirts that emphasize movement and speed are usually one of the most important aspects of successful synchro dresses.


The Line Up - Synchro Panache Intermediate - Mids Skate Dress Synchro Panache Intermediate


The Line Up - St. Louis Synergy Novice - Mids Skate Dress St. Louis Synergy Novice



Black Tights

Black tights made an appearance on many teams, which puts an emphasis on the legs and foot work. It's hard for us to forget Team Canada's black tights at Synchro World's in 2013, where we first saw this bold look.


The Line Up - Chicago Radiance Novice - Mids Skate Dress Chicago Radiance Novice


The Line Up - Capital Ice Chips Intermediate Mids Skate Dress Capital Ice Chips Intermediate


The Line Up - Team Amore' Pre-Juvenile - Mids Skate Dress Team Amore' Pre-Juvenile


These were just a few of our favorite trends from Mids - check out more designs on our Facebook gallery!

We can't wait to see more at Nationals!


Free Costume Planner - The Imagination Kit 

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