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Top 5 Trends for Dance Team Warm-Ups and Practice Apparel

Posted by Trista on May 12, 2017

Dance team warm up and practice apparel trends

When spring starts rolling in, we know you've already started planning for next season. First step: form your team.  Second step: team apparel! Are you trying to find some fun ideas for apparel besides the standard shirt and spirit jersey from you local t-shirt shop?  Check out a few of our favorite trends for dance team warm-ups and practice apparel below!


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Topics: Team Apparel & Warm-ups, Costume Trends

The New Alternative to The Skate Practice Dress

Posted by Trista on Apr 14, 2016

Erie Leo, 575-17 mix and match_01-small

When it comes to synchronized skating practice wear it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Black skate dress, black jacket, embroidered logo. Looking for something new to shake things up? How about trying mix and match pieces instead!?

Use three items – a stand-alone leotard, a detachable skirt, leggings - to create 2 very different looks:

  • Look #1: A detachable skirt over a leotard has the grace and elegance of a classic skating practice dress look.
  • Look #2: Leggings over a leotard gives a more streamlined look, emphasizing legwork.
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Camp Top!

Posted by thelineup on Apr 12, 2016

camp tank tops for dance team, loose fitting and slouchy

Are you as ready as we are to kick off the next season? We know this time often begins with camp - a whole chunk of time dedicated to team bonding and bringing everyone together! It's the first time you get to show off your team to the world, so style and passion are a must! And camp tops have become an essential for sporting team spirit. So, how can you get the most out of your campwear investment, especially when budgets are always tight? Here are a few tips that prove a little extra planning and time could potentially save yourself some money and stress later! Read on to see how to make the most out of your dance camp apparel:

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5 Favorite Team Apparel Trends for 2016

Posted by Trista on Mar 30, 2016


Shown above: Slouchy Tank 6, Pathway Jacket with Vinyl Lettering, 420-236 Bra with City Track Warm Up Pant with Vinyl, Infinity Scarf with Lettering, and the Arena top.

When it comes to the hard work and dedication found in the dance and synchronized skating world, we know that you spend the majority of your time training and practicing for only a few brief and exciting moments of performance. So why not spend that time practicing in style? Look great, feel great, and you'll perform great!

With this mantra in mind, we got to work designing some fabulous new team apparel, perfect for sporting your team pride at practice, camps, and team events throughout the season. It's practice wear that's meant to move with you, withstand numerous washings, yet still be flattering and fashionable.

In honor of our new team apparel catalog (just out today!) we're pulling together some of our favorite team apparel trends for the 2016-2017 season. Check 'em out:


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Topics: Team Apparel & Warm-ups, Costume Trends

TeamSpotlight: Chicago Radiance - All About the Warm-ups!

Posted by thelineup on Jan 27, 2016

Chicago Radiance Customized Legging by The Line Up

The first time I attended a Synchro Nationals competition, I remember being struck by 3 things: how bright colors transformed and popped on the ice, the way a fluttering skirt seemed to increase a skater’s velocity, and – most significantly - all of the matching team apparel. It seemed there was an unwritten rule that jackets, scarves, luggage, and even socks must coordinate - team spirit in full representation!

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Topics: Synchronized skating, Team Apparel & Warm-ups, Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight: Eden Prairie Dance Team Shows off Their New Leggings!

Posted by Pam on Dec 15, 2015
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Topics: High School, Team Apparel & Warm-ups, Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight: Ashwaubenon Dance Team's 2 Ingredients for a Perfect Warm Up!

Posted by Pam on Oct 19, 2015

Ashwaubenon Dance Team Jaguaress, team warm up, 2015-2016, The Line Up

We've helped the Ashwaubenon Jagauress Dance Team create their competition costumes for over 5 years now, but we got started designing a litter earlier this year with the team's new warm-ups!

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Topics: High School, Team Apparel & Warm-ups, Dance, Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight: Phoenix Synchro's Flawless Practice Look!

Posted by Pam on Oct 16, 2015
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Topics: Synchronized skating, Team Apparel & Warm-ups, Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight: Ice & Blades New Warm Ups!

Posted by Pam on Oct 7, 2015

Ice and Blades new warm ups, jacket and leggings, The Line Up

This year, Ice & Blades Figure Skating club president, Joyce, wanted her skaters "to feel and train like athletes, so they need to look like athletes." She went on to say that she wants to have a more unified team exuding TONS of team pride. Her solution? Warm-ups to give the Ice & Blades a unified look. Keeping her intent in mind, The Line Up designers were up for the challenge of designing warm ups for the skaters!

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Topics: Synchronized skating, Team Apparel & Warm-ups, Behind the Design, Team Spotlight

The Perfect Practice Top: Pro Team Roundup

Posted by Pam on Sep 25, 2015


New York Jets flight crew,cheerleaders,  The Line Up, sublimated practice top Photo by New York Jets Flight Crew
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Topics: Cheer, Pom & Gameday, Professional Dance - NBA, Team Apparel & Warm-ups, Professional Cheer - NFL

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