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Dancer Spotlight: Emy Urdahl, Tremaine's Senior Female Dancer of the Year

Posted by Trista on Aug 12, 2021


Tremaine Dancer of the Year Emy Urdahl

When it comes to photoshoots, it's hard not to be in awe of our models - their flexibility, technique, and artistry never fails to impress us!  But we were a little thunderstruck last year when we heard that on of our models, Emy Urdahl was selected as Tremaine's 2021 Senior Dancer of the Year! 

Emy just finished her senior year at Dance Arts Centre in Chanhassen, Minnesota, accomplished studio in our back yard that holds a special place in our hearts (it's home for our Choreographers, Pam and Mollie). We've been lucky enough to work with her for a few years.  She came to us through a model call audition, and actually started her first shoot with us as a last minute replacement - how lucky for us! 

We chatted with Emy about her experience this year in the convention world, and what her plans are for the future.  Check out the Q & A below! 


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Team Spotlight: Dance Alley Studio - UDA World Senior Kick All Star Champs!

Posted by Allison on Mar 22, 2017

Dance Alley Cats all star world champions

Team: Dance Alley All Stars

Director/Head Coach:  Bettina Rogers

Location: London, KY

Style of Dance: All Star Senior High Kick

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The Best Dance Costume Companies for Your Every Need!

Posted by Deb on Sep 15, 2016

Best Dance Costume Companies for Your Every Need!

Selecting the right costume is vital to a great performance. When your team looks great, they perform great! So where do you start?  With so many dance costumes to choose from, finding the right look can feel daunting! 

Don't stress though!  To help with the selection process, we’ve assembled a list of the top dancewear companies and categorized them by their specialties.  When narrowing down the list for your team, consider two key things to make the selection process easier:

  • Be clear about what you are looking for and why. Example:  If you have a team that has special sizing needs, select a company that offers custom fitting services.
  • Know the differences. No two dance costume companies are the same! Select companies that best meet your needs.

Read on for a list of over 25 tried and true dance costume companies to get you started!    

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Team Spotlight: The Best of Dance Arts Centre

Posted by Brooke on Aug 2, 2016

Dance Arts Centre

For fifteen plus years, Dance Arts Centre (DAC) has come to us to help design their elegant dance costumes for the competition stage. They're innovative costumes and loyalty to The Line Up has created a wonderful relationship!

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Team Spotlight: Dance Space Brings Strength to the Competition Stage

Posted by Karen on Jul 13, 2016

Dance Space Blue Lyrical costume by The Line Up

Dance Space's Lyrical Senior Team

One Team’s Strength

The Dance Space studio recently shared with us photos and video of their stunning custom dance costume and lyrical performance at competition!  This group’s lyrical dance titled “My Strength” really imbibes the core values of their team: strength and determination.  The team endured many injuries and formation changes throughout the year, yet the dancers rose to the challenge, ultimately placing 3rd overall as a Small Group during their season! 

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Team Spotlight: Chicago's All About Dance Brings Their Designs to Life

Posted by thelineup on Feb 11, 2016

all about dance yellow dance costume, two piece

All About Dance (AAD) is proud to be a part of Chicago's thriving dance community, and is a studio passionate about what they do. They focus on hard work, but above all they strive to create a warm and loving community for their dancers. They are a family, first and foremost. And we, at The Line Up, were honored to have the opportunity to work with them for the first time this year.

AAD came to us from Jen Kopka, the Company Director. Jen had worked with us before at her previous studio, and when she moved to AAD we were excited to hear she wanted to continue working with us! We asked her a few questions about her new studio and the costume process and loved what she had to say! Take a look:

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A Studio Teacher & Choreographer's Perspective on Designing Costumes

Posted by Pam on Dec 29, 2015


Here at The Line Up, we don't just "get it" we LIVE the costume experience. Like myself, many of us that work at The Line Up are dancers, teachers, coaches, and choreographers. When we say we truly understand where you are coming from, we mean it.

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Team Spotlight: South Jersey Storm Made a Statement at Reach The Beach!

Posted by Pam on Mar 27, 2015

katy perry flag dress inspiration, the line up, south jersey storm, military inspired

One of many highlights from EPIC Reach the Beach that we attended and participated in was seeing our friends from South Jersey Storm in their custom costume they designed.

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Team Spotlight: South Metro Dance Academy

Posted by Pam on Mar 24, 2014

One of our favorite, long time customers South Metro Dance Academy from Minnesota had their first competition this past weekend at Talent on Parade at the Minneapolis Convention Center and they couldn't be more excited with the results. They received many overall awards including:

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Brookfield Dance Senior Line

Posted by Pam on Nov 22, 2013

The Brookfield Dance Academy Senior Line looks beautiful in their Luna dresses from our web store. To celebrate their Teams Recital tonight, we thought we would share some video and photos- enjoy!

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