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Video Tutorial: How to Remove Stains from Dance Costumes

Posted by Meagan on Jul 28, 2017


Did you know that many stains can be removed from your dance costume, skating dress, or cheer uniform using a few simple tricks?

To keep you garments looking new for years, be sure to remove pesky stains immediately before washing your costume.  You know the ones – self tanner, makeup, food, and even glue marks are all common stains that can easily be removed.  We’ll show you how, step by step, below! 

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So Fresh and So Clean: "How To Wash A Dance Costume" Video Tutorial

Posted by Trista on Jul 25, 2017


If we have to pick one single piece of advice it’s this: don’t be afraid to wash your costume!

We know, we know! The thought of something going wrong and potentially ruining your costume is enough to make you want to ignore the stinky mess! But not cleaning your costume can potentially cause more damage than just the smell factor.

Laundering your garment to promote longevity and to keep it sparkling fresh. With proper care, a well-constructed garment should last you several years. Rest assured, you can easily do it yourself without risking damage to your costume.

Check out the video tutorial and tips below from the experts in our laundry department on how to wash a dance costume, cheer uniform, or skating dress without worry!

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Garment Care 101: The Do's and Don'ts of Dance Costume Care

Posted by Trista on Dec 15, 2016

How to wash a dance costume

When it comes to washing dance costumes and skate dresses, we've probably seen it all.  Color bleeding, shrinking, burn marks, makeup stains, and rhinestones falling off - there are lots of things that could go wrong when washing your costume!  Don't fear the unknown though!  As long as you are informed, washing your dance costume can be a breeze. Follow these garment care Do's and Don'ts and your dance costume will be clean and damage free in no time!  

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Garment Care 101: 5 Must-Know Costume Care Tips

Posted by Trista on Feb 29, 2016


washing pic 1

We’re in spring cleaning mode on the blog this month, and we’re talking about garment care! We know washing costume is not the most scintillating topic - but bear with us! Proper costume care it is perhaps the most important thing your can do to increase the longevity of your dance and skate wear!

Looking to reuse your costume next year, or resell it to meet your fundraising goals?  Here are 5 essential tips straight from our laundry department experts, that'll keep your costumes in top shape for years to come:

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Garment Care 101: How to Wash Your Dance Costume!

Posted by Trista on Feb 24, 2016

washing tips image

The excitement of competition season is drawing to a close for many dance and synchronized skating teams, which leaves us with one not so exciting – though very important – question. What do I do with these stinky costumes?!? This month on the blog, we’re giving you our best costume care advice to take the stress out of washing your costume.

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Topics: Garment Care, Budget Tips

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