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Dancer Spotlight: Emy Urdahl, Tremaine's Senior Female Dancer of the Year

Posted by Trista on Aug 12, 2021


Tremaine Dancer of the Year Emy Urdahl

When it comes to photoshoots, it's hard not to be in awe of our models - their flexibility, technique, and artistry never fails to impress us!  But we were a little thunderstruck last year when we heard that on of our models, Emy Urdahl was selected as Tremaine's 2021 Senior Dancer of the Year! 

Emy just finished her senior year at Dance Arts Centre in Chanhassen, Minnesota, accomplished studio in our back yard that holds a special place in our hearts (it's home for our Choreographers, Pam and Mollie). We've been lucky enough to work with her for a few years.  She came to us through a model call audition, and actually started her first shoot with us as a last minute replacement - how lucky for us! 

We chatted with Emy about her experience this year in the convention world, and what her plans are for the future.  Check out the Q & A below! 


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The Line Up VIP Spotlight: Ali Ogle & Kate Happe's Amazing Season

Posted by Trista on Aug 28, 2018

kate and ali pic


We caught up with our VIP models Ali and Kate after they wrapped up their whirlwind season of conventions and competitions this summer!  Check out what they had to say about their experience as a Line Up VIP and their busy year full of practices, traveling, modeling, and performances!

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3 Things Dancers Should Never Do While Stretching

Posted by Katie Peyton on May 2, 2018

 dancer stretch pose

You probably have a stretching routine that you’ve been doing for months or even years. Usually the routine starts standing, folding over your legs for a hamstring stretch, spending some time in a runners lunge, and of course a straddle stretch that slides right into the splits.

From studios to dance teams, stretching usually looks the same, but it’s important to follow healthy stretching guidelines to prevent injury and decreasing your strength.

So, how should a dancer stretch correctly? By avoiding these three things, below!

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Meet Line Up VIP Kate Happe!

Posted by Meagan on Nov 16, 2017

 kate happe line up vip

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Meet Line Up VIP Ali Ogle!

Posted by Meagan on Nov 2, 2017

Line Up VIP Ali Ogle NUVO Convention.jpg 


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Our 10 Favorite Motivational Quotes for Dancers

Posted by Stephanie on Oct 30, 2017

"Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You." - Kate Spade Motivational Quotes for Dancers

"Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You." - Kate Spade

As dance teams head into competition season, when the pressure and excitement are at an all time high, everyone could use a little extra motivation and encouragement!  To inspire your team, here are our 10 favorite motivational quotes for dancers:

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How 9 Passionate Dancers Stayed Connected to Dance after High School - Part 2

Posted by Trista on Apr 19, 2017

Dance careers - Choreographer Mollie Sylvestre

Mollie Sylvestre: Choreographer & Teacher at Dance Arts Centre and Co-Founder of Matrixx Pro

Wondering about dance careers after high school?  The options abound, but for many the first things that come to mind include auditioning for a college dance team, majoring in dance in college, or making the bold move to become a professional dancer.

But there are other, sometimes less conventional, options as well!  This week we're sharing stories from nine passionate dancers that found ways to keep dancing after high school. Check out their inspirational stories!

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How 9 Passionate Dancers Stayed Connected to Dance After High School - Part 1

Posted by Trista on Apr 18, 2017

minnesota vikings audtions - dance after hich school

Photo via Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders 

So you're a dancer and you're about to graduate high school ... now what!?!  There are so many options to further your passion, but we know the possibilities can seem daunting.  It takes guts and confidence to make that bold move into the next phase of your dance life! 

Joining a college dance team or majoring in dance are common paths, but there are other options for dance careers as well.   We've asked some of our friends in the industry how they've stayed connected in the dance world into their adult life.  Find inspiration in their stories!!


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