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6 Dynamic Synchronized Skating Skirts That Will Enhance Your Choreography

Posted by Trista on Aug 18, 2017

synchronized skating dress skate dress.jpg

When it comes to synchro skate dresses, the skirt is the one design element that rules!

Our synchro customers insist on getting their skirts right and for a couple very good reasons: a great skirt can emphasize choreography, enhance the perception of speed, and create crowd appeal!  What team can resist all of that?

Check out some of our favorite synchronized skating skirts from the past couple of seasons below! 


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Topics: Synchronized skating, Costume Trends

Team Spotlight: Aggie Heartthrob's Season of Heart

Posted by Meagan on Aug 11, 2017

Aggie Heartthrobs Dance Costume High Collar.jpg Aggie Heartthrobs Dance Costume High Collar.jpg

Team: North Carolina A & T State University's  Aggie Heartthrobs
Coach: Aaliyah Escalera
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina 
Style: Dance

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Topics: Dance, Team Spotlight

5 Ways Dance Costumes Can Take Your High Kick Routine to the Next Level!

Posted by Stephanie on Aug 2, 2017

 Zinzi Marissa Leotard Stilleto_11.jpg

High Kick dance routines are known for their quick movements, sharp lines, and formation changes. So, how do you accentuate this choreography to take your routine to the next level? Color change!  Accentuate strong movements and add visual interest by adding a pop of color. Check out 5 unique ways to incorporate color change into your High Kick dance costume this year!

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Topics: High School, High Kick, Costume Trends

Video Tutorial: How to Remove Stains from Dance Costumes

Posted by Meagan on Jul 28, 2017

Did you know that many stains can be removed from your dance costume, skating dress, or cheer uniform using a few simple tricks?

To keep you garments looking new for years, be sure to remove pesky stains immediately before washing your costume.  You know the ones – self tanner, makeup, food, and even glue marks are all common stains that can easily be removed.  We’ll show you how, step by step, below! 

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Topics: Garment Care, Budget Tips

So Fresh and So Clean: "How To Wash A Dance Costume" Video Tutorial

Posted by Trista on Jul 25, 2017


If we have to pick one single piece of advice it’s this: don’t be afraid to wash your costume!

We know, we know! The thought of something going wrong and potentially ruining your costume is enough to make you want to ignore the stinky mess! But not cleaning your costume can potentially cause more damage than just the smell factor.

Laundering your garment to promote longevity and to keep it sparkling fresh. With proper care, a well-constructed garment should last you several years. Rest assured, you can easily do it yourself without risking damage to your costume.

Check out the video tutorial and tips below from the experts in our laundry department on how to wash a dance costume, cheer uniform, or skating dress without worry!

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Topics: Garment Care, Budget Tips

Your No Stress Dance Costume Planning Checklist

Posted by Meagan on Jul 21, 2017

Dance Costume Planning Team Plan Session.jpg

Feeling overwhelmed with all the details when it comes to figuring out all of your team's apparel needs?  We know that planning for the upcoming season can be stressful, so we've compiled a dance costume planning checklist to make sure you're on track.  It includes activities for:

  • Dance costumes,
  • Cheer and performance uniforms,
  • Camp apparel,
  • and Warm-ups!  

Follow the step-by-step guide to make sure you hit all your apparel deadlines!


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Topics: Coaching Tips, Costume Design Resources, Budget Tips

Team Spotlight: Washington State University's Crimson Girls

Posted by Meagan on Jul 20, 2017

WSU Crimson Cheer Uniforms Cougars

Team: Washington State University Crimson Girls 
Director/Head Coach: Kaila Evenoff
Location: Pullman, Washington
Style: Collegiate Dance Team 

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Topics: Cheer, Pom & Gameday, Team Spotlight, College

4 Stunning Synchronized Skating Dress Trends That Are Here to Stay

Posted by Trista on Jul 13, 2017

synchro skate dress looks.jpg


When it comes to dresses, skaters know how to perfect a sophisticated and elegant look.  So it's no surprise that when a skating trend takes off, it's usually classy and not likely to immediately fade out of style.  As you start planning for the upcoming season, here's a look back at some of our favorite trends that we predict will have serious staying power!

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Topics: Synchronized skating, Costume Trends

Team Spotlight: Onyx Synchronized Skating

Posted by Meagan on Jul 7, 2017

Onyx Synchro Novice Team.jpg

Team: ONYX Synchro

Director/Head Coach: Heather Blasko

Location: Rochester, MI

Style: Synchronized Skate Team

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Topics: Synchronized skating, Character & Theme, Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight: Starcatchers Synchronized Skating Team

Posted by Meagan on Jul 6, 2017


Team: Starcatchers

Director/Head Coach: Lauren Magliola 

Location: Shelton, CT

Style: Synchronized Skating

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Topics: Synchronized skating, Character & Theme, Team Spotlight

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