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Team Spotlight: Purdue Golduster's Western Themed Uniforms!

Posted by Meagan on Sep 15, 2017

 purdue golduster dance team with purdue marching band

Team: Purdue Golduster Dance Team 
Captain: Katie Rehling
Location: Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Style: Collegiate Dance Team

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Topics: Cheer, Pom & Gameday, Dance, Team Spotlight, College

How to Estimate the Number of Rhinestones for Your Dance Costume

Posted by Trista on Sep 14, 2017

dance costume rhinestone estimator

Rhinestones are the perfect finishing touch to any costume, but often the biggest question we hear is: how many rhinestones do I need? It's a tough question to figure out especially when:

  • 100 gems sounds like a lot, but is actually on the low end of the price spectrum,
  • Design illustrations can be poor representations of a finished rhinestone design because it's difficult to represent gem size and placement accurately,
  • Minor tweaks in spacing can drastically effect the quantity of rhinestones.
If you're trying to figure out the number of rhinestones you need for your next dance costume, check out these 4 easy methods, below!

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Topics: Costume Design Resources, Budget Tips, Rhinestones & Sparkle

How To Prepare For A Dance Costume Design Consultation

Posted by Meagan on Sep 8, 2017

Preparing for a dance costume design consultation

Planning the new upcoming dance season is SO exciting!  Many times this means designing a new costume, which means a design consultation with your dance costume design company. You will likely be getting a lot of information out of this design consultation- but how can you prepare beforehand? Find out here!

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Topics: Behind the Design, Costume Design Resources, Budget Tips

Team Spotlight: Prescott High School Dance Team's Fall Look

Posted by Meagan on Sep 8, 2017


Team: Prescott High School Dance Team
Director/Head Coach: Samantha Schoen
Location: Prescott, WI.
Style: High School Dance Team

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Topics: Cheer, Pom & Gameday, Team Spotlight

Top 6 Jazz, Lyrical & Contemporary Dance Costume Trends for 2018

Posted by Stephanie on Sep 1, 2017
Sublimated Mesh Dance Leotards
Floral Mesh Leotard, Mesh Leotard, Tribal Mesh Leotard, and Kiri Leotard

It's that time of year - School is back in session, game days are starting to pick up again and all we can think about are this year's upcoming competition costumes! As we head into our busy season (a.k.a. your competition season!), we are overwhelmed with the amazing costume designs and inspiration that our creative customers and designers come up with! It truly is inspiring seeing all these beautiful costumes go out the door and onto the competition floor.

Check out what we've found are the Top 6 Jazz & Contemporary Dance Costume trends for 2018:

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Topics: Costume Trends, Jazz, Lyrical, & Contemporary

Transform Your Dance Team Photos With These 10 Photoshoot Tips

Posted by Trista on Aug 30, 2017

behind the scenes dance photoshoot tips

Behind the scenes at one of our recent photo shoots at Steve Lucas Photography

Once fall rolls around, we know the first thing on the to-do list as a newly formed dance team is pictures!  When it comes to photoshoots, TLU has definitely had lots of practice.  With over 8 photoshoots a year, we've got things down to a science!  

And we don't do it alone either!  With a little help from the experts below, we've compiled some of our best tips for getting your best photos as a dance team. Read on to hear what the experts have to say.

  • Pam Gleason - Our photoshoot choreographer, Pam, is a master at creative posing!  When not working at The Line Up, she's also an instructor at Dance Arts Centre and co-founder of Matrixx Pro.
  • Steve Lucas - We've been working with Steve Lucas Photography for over 10 years, and with his 20+ years of experience, he has perfected the art of capturing the perfect dance action shot!  
  • Dawn Ruschmeyer - Our resident photo editor and Photoshop Wizard, Dawn is also Steve Lucas's assistant and photo editor.


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Topics: Behind the Design, Planning Tips, Choreography

As Seen on TV: The Scoop on Louisville Ladybirds' Dance Costumes

Posted by Meagan on Aug 22, 2017

 Louisville Lady Birds Dance Costumes on So Sharp.jpg

Photo via Lifetime, Ladybirds wearing the 202-Mesh Top

The Louisville Ladybirds' Dance Costumes, as Seen on Lifetime's "So Sharp"

Have you been as obsessed with watching Lifetime's "So Sharp" as we have at The Line Up?  It's not every day one of our clients stars in a Lifetime reality show, and the excitement is contagious!  Every week we've been streaming the show in the conference room over lunch to see the stunning routines, the teamwork, the drama, and of course, whatever Coach Todd Sharp will say next! 

Our account manager, Lindsey Stone, has been working with Todd and the Louisville Ladybirds Dance Team for over 5 years now, and we've loved helping outfit the 14 time National Title winners with a variety of pieces - branded apparel for gameday as well as custom costumes for NDA Nationals! 

Here's a peek inside the team's wardrobe and the inspiration behind some of the Louisville Ladybirds' dance costumes below!


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Topics: Dance, Team Spotlight, Hip Hop Dance, Jazz, Lyrical, & Contemporary, College

6 Dynamic Synchronized Skating Skirts That Will Enhance Your Choreography

Posted by Trista on Aug 18, 2017

synchronized skating dress skate dress.jpg

When it comes to synchro skate dresses, the skirt is the one design element that rules!

Our synchro customers insist on getting their skirts right and for a couple very good reasons: a great skirt can emphasize choreography, enhance the perception of speed, and create crowd appeal!  What team can resist all of that?

Check out some of our favorite synchronized skating skirts from the past couple of seasons below! 


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Topics: Synchronized skating, Costume Trends

Team Spotlight: Aggie Heartthrob's Season of Heart

Posted by Meagan on Aug 11, 2017

Aggie Heartthrobs Dance Costume High Collar.jpg Aggie Heartthrobs Dance Costume High Collar.jpg

Team: North Carolina A & T State University's  Aggie Heartthrobs
Coach: Aaliyah Escalera
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina 
Style: Dance

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Topics: Dance, Team Spotlight

5 Ways Dance Costumes Can Take Your High Kick Routine to the Next Level!

Posted by Stephanie on Aug 2, 2017

 Zinzi Marissa Leotard Stilleto_11.jpg

High Kick dance routines are known for their quick movements, sharp lines, and formation changes. So, how do you accentuate this choreography to take your routine to the next level? Color change!  Accentuate strong movements and add visual interest by adding a pop of color. Check out 5 unique ways to incorporate color change into your High Kick dance costume this year!

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Topics: High School, High Kick, Costume Trends

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