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Top 10 Lyrical & Contemporary Dance Costume Trends

Posted by Trista on Aug 22, 2016


Style Raelyn Dress

Last week we took a look at the top dance costume trends for Jazz, and this week we'll continue the list with Lyrical and Contemporary!  Here are the design trends we predict will be shaping dance team performances for the 2017 season!

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Customer Spotlight: Glen A. Wilson High School

Posted by Karen on Aug 19, 2016

Glen A Wilson High School Cheer Uniform

Every dance team strives for that true dichotomy in skills: strong technical style combined with crowd pleasing entertainment. In Hacienda Heights, California, the Dance Team at Glen A. Wilson High is well on their way to this goal!

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Top 8 Jazz Dance Costume Trends

Posted by Trista on Aug 17, 2016

Jazz dance costume trends


It's an exciting time as college and high school dance teams are coming back from camp, schools and studios are back in session, and routines are conceptualized!  Looking for a little  inspiration as you plan for your next season?  We pulled together some of the favorite jazz dance costume trends for 2017 - check 'em out!

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College Dance and Cheer Teams Start Their Season in Style!

Posted by Pam on Aug 15, 2016

Rock Chalk Dancers at camp

University of Kansas Rock Chalk Dancers

Summer can be a time to relax and take some time off before the school year starts - but not for college dance teams! Teams start practice right when summer begins and kick off their season by attending camp: either a  "home camp" where instructors come to the team, or traveling to a larger camp like UDA and NDA's camps where other teams also attend.  It's the perfect way to jumpstart the season with choreography and ideas, while also building team commraderie. 

Here are some of our amazing customers who recently kicked of their season in style at camp - looking great, ladies!

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Customer Spotlight: The Best of Dance Arts Centre

Posted by Brooke on Aug 2, 2016

Dance Arts Centre

For fifteen plus years, Dance Arts Centre (DAC) has come to us to help design their elegant dance costumes for the competition stage. They're innovative costumes and loyalty to The Line Up has created a wonderful relationship!

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Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders: New Year,  New Stadium, and a New Look!

Posted by Brooke on Jul 26, 2016


Minnesota VIkings Cheerleders - ICE Signature Look

A New Look

Last Friday, the Minnesota Vikings family unveiled the magnificent new U.S. Bank Stadium to the public.  At the ribbon cutting ceremony, the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders (MVC) had something to show off too: a NEW Signature uniform!!  Luckily for us, they shared some amazing photos from the debut with the Ultimate Cheerleader Blog. Ladies and gents, take a look at their new look: "ICE"!

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How Many Lives Can Your Costume Live?

Posted by Trista on Jul 18, 2016


How many lives can your dance or skate costume live?  Plenty, if you play it right!  Wearing the same costume 2 years in a row is an excellent way to save money, but have you ever thought of selling your team's digs to another group?  

The University of St. Thomas Dance Team (USTDT) did just that with their 2013-2014 jazz costume, which then went on to be sold again!  After wearing their Jazz costume at UDA Nationals, USTDT sold thier costume to Chaska Dance Team who wore it for a year.  Then, Chaska passed it on to Duluth Denefeld Dance Team, who became the third team to wear this trend setting outfit, taking it all the way to the Minnesota State Dance Team Championships in 2016.  What a testiment to quality and conservation (though we don't really want to get a whiff of those babies!).  

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Customer Spotlight: Dance Space Brings Strength to the Competition Stage

Posted by Karen on Jul 13, 2016

Dance Space Blue Lyrical costume by The Line Up

Dance Space's Lyrical Senior Team

One Team’s Strength

The Dance Space studio recently shared with us photos and video of their stunning custom dance costume and lyrical performance at competition!  This group’s lyrical dance titled “My Strength” really imbibes the core values of their team: strength and determination.  The team endured many injuries and formation changes throughout the year, yet the dancers rose to the challenge, ultimately placing 3rd overall as a Small Group during their season! 

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Your Complete Guide to the USFSA Synchronized Skating Costume Guidelines

Posted by Trista on Jul 13, 2016


Hockettes Junior (left)  and Team Delaware Junior (right) teams went all out on rhinestones for their custom skate dresses - something only Junior, Senior, and Collegiate teams can do!

Last November 2015, the USFSA updated the official Synchronized Skating costume guidelines.  If you’ve taken a look at the guidelines, you know that they tend to be vague.  For good reason too - it allows for artistic interpretations by teams based on their region and performance choices.   Here's guiding principle:

"The costumes of the competitors must be modest, dignified and appropriate for athletic competition, not garish or theatrical in design. Costumes may, however, reflect character of the music chosen."
We know with this vague statement, other guiding rules can get a bit confusing, especially since Junior, Senior, and Collegiate levels are excluded from many. So as you start to design for your next synchronized skating dress, here's a look at a few different costume elements, and what the guidelines dictate about each!  

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Top 6 Trends for Synchronized Skating Dresses

Posted by Trista on Jul 12, 2016

  Sublimated synchronized skating dresses by The Line Up

Styles Cat Skate, Butterfly Skate, and Amberlin

The 2016-2017 Synchronized skating season is starting to heat up, and odds you are planning for your team's theme, choreography, and  (our favorite part)  skate dresses!   We took a look at this season's skate fashions to find style inspiration, and pulled together 6 of our favorite trends for skating dresses. 

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