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Bellarmine Dance Team Takes Home the Gold in Beautiful Scarlet Costumes!

Posted by Pam on May 1, 2015

Bellarmine Dance Team, 2015 National NDA Champions, The Line Up

What a way to end a fabulous season! Bellarmine University Dance Team took first place a few weeks ago at the NDA Dance Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida. We were so delighted to work on their eye-catching custom costumes. Here's the story behind the design:

"The beginning of our music starts out with the sound of a music box being wound up. We have a dancer on center that was lifted and rotated, like the ballerinas inside a music box. That's where we got the idea for the tulle skirt," coach Janine Klutka explained.

"We started out looking at a full tulle skirt, but since our routine also has hip hop and pom styles, we cut it back to the half skirt."

NDA routines incorporate all three styles of dance, so that is always taken into consideration when The Line Up designs for our collegiate NDA teams.

Bellarmine Dance Team, 2015, The Line Up

Bellarmine's school colors are scarlet and silver, so it was an easy decision in terms of costume color. The deep red is sensational!

NDA finals were held outside at the Bandshell, a raised stage right on the beach.

Klutka noted, "We really wanted a fabric that would shimmer and sparkle in the sun. We knew long sleeves would make our pom motions look sharp!"  And that they did- what a spectacular final design!

Bellarmine Dance Team, 2015 National NDA Champions, The Line Up



Bellarmine Dance Team, 2015 NDA National Champions

Bellarmine Dance Team, 2015 National NDA Champions, The Line Up

We think the "ballerina-hiphop" sparkling costumes in their school colors were a definite win. Congratulations, ladies!

Photo credits: Varsity and Bellarmine University Dance Team

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