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Field Trip to Chicago for the 2015-2016 Luvabulls Dancers!

Posted by Pam on Sep 28, 2015


The Advocate Center, The Line Up
Account Coordinator Megan at The Advocate Center, the Bulls new practice facility

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes as an NBA team gets ready to reveal their new season of dancers? At the end of last month, owner Deb and one of our fantastic account managers, Megan, got a sneak peek when they traveled to the windy city of Chicago to fit the the Chicago Bulls dancers, the “Luvabulls”. Their newest uniform was debuted during their photo shoot while Megan and Deb were busy measuring and sizing everyone.

The team's wardrobe continues to grow thanks to Michelle Harris, Director of Entertainment. She is approaching her 3rd season overseeing the team with Coach Shante Roberts. Having worked together for so many years, even WE are having a hard time keeping track of their expanding collection of great looks (featured below!)

Now that we have everyone sized, we're back at the shop in Minnesota making even more "Luvabull Fashions" to be worn for the 2015-2016 season. Check out some of the pics from the day, and their ever-growing collection of uniforms!


Luvabulls new 2015 uniform, The Line Up Photo by Chicago Luvabulls


Luvabulls new 2015 red flag dress uniform, The Line Up  Luvabulls Chicago flag dress uniform, The Line Up
Luvabull Dancer in the updated 2015-2016 Red "Flag Dress", and Luvabull Dancer in the original "Flag Dress"




The Line Up, Luvabulls fitting for uniforms  Luvabulls, The Line Up
Megan awaits the dancers at a table full of their numerous costumes!  Luvabulls dancer in uniform getting ready for her head shot!


Luvabulls Coach Shante Roberts with Deb and Megan from The Line Up Coach Shante Roberts with Account Manager Megan and The Line Up Owner Deb

Here's a snapshot of just some of the Luvabulls' sensational uniform collection!

Chicago Bulls Luvabulls Specialty Costumes -ALL

Chicago Bulls Luvabulls Flag Dresses, The Line Up, 2015-2016


See Red Bulls 2015, The Line Up "See Red" Uniforms


Breast Cancer Bulls 2015 uniforms, The Line Up, Luvabulls Breast Cancer Awareness Tops and Belted Shorts


Flag Dress Bulls 2015, The Line Up, Luvabulls Signature Flag Dress


St Pattys Bulls 2015, The Line Up, Luvabulls St. Patrick's Day Jersey Dress


 Sporty Top and Short

The Line Up, Luvabulls, retro fringe dress uniform, Bugle Boy 20's Theme Fringe Dress & Military Hats


Plan you next performance with the imagination kit!

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