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Team Spotlight: The Hurricanettes' Bold & Spicy Latin Themed Uniforms!

Posted by Trista on Oct 7, 2016

University of Maimi Huricanettes Dance team in a latin themed dance costume

Team: University of Miami Hurricanettes Dance Team
Director/Head Coach: Natalie Chernow
Location: Miami, Florida
Style: Gameday & Pom Dance Team

Bold & Latin Themed Custom Dance Costume

 The Hurricanettes, a college dance team out of The University Miami, designed a new costume this year with a little extra flair - Latin flair!  Normally the team dons a full wardrobe of pom uniforms fit for leading fans and cheering on their sports teams.  Their new dance costume is a bit different though!   

The off-the shoulder top paired with a ruffled midi skirt is perfect for dancing to Gloria Estefan! Added bonus?  We loved that the skirt was separate from their shorts, perfect for their surprise costume transition!  

Made of the school's bold orange and green colors, this color combo isn't something we see every day in our office, but once we saw the team perform on the field amongst a stadium full of team spirit, it was obvious their design a perfect fit!  

The dance team performs at football and basketball games throughout the school year, in addition to making various appearances for their school, community, and community service events!  They are also an integral part of combined performances with their band, The Band of the Hour.  

Check out some of the Miami Hurricanettes recent performances below!  Good luck with the rest of your year Huricanettes!  


University of Maimi Huricanettes Dance team in a latin themed dance costume  University of Maimi Huricanettes Dance team in a latin themed dance costume

The team's Latin themed costume combined the 427-16 top with a custom skirt.




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