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Looks We Love: 30 Dark & Edgy Costumes Perfect for Halloween

Posted by Trista on Oct 26, 2016

Frazee Victorian Gothic dance costume by The Line Up

The makeup and hair completely transformed this Victorian Gothic themed high kick costume from Frazee High School! 

30 Dance Costumes & Skate Dresses Perfect for Halloween 

It's hard not to get in the Halloween spirit when you work at a custom costume company!  And if you're anything like us, your closet is probably stuffed full of old dance or skating costumes just begging to see some light.  Which makes dressing up for Halloween super easy and fun.  Sometimes all it takes is a wig and a little makeup to transform a look!

In honor of Halloween, here are 30 dance costumes and skate dresses with a dark theme that could easily be repurposed as festive Halloween looks! From girly to creepy, there's bound to be something here to get your Halloween costume ideas going!

Addams Family Skate dress and Beetlejuice dance costume

Channel your favorite Halloween movie:  The Addams Family with skate style Elvira (left), or Beetlejuice with a striped suit (right)

Beetlejuice themed synchronized skate dress  Beeltjuice themed synchronized skate dress

University of Michigan Collegiate synchronized skating team team had a classy interpretation of Beetlejuice with their 2015-2016 custom skate dress

 Cleopatra dance costume and lady gaga dance costume

Strong and powerful women: A dark Cleopatra look (left) and Lady Gaga-esque look (right, Camden Crop with Tear Leggings)

   Teams Elite Juvenile Beyonce Theme skating dress nationals 2016

Teams Elite Juvenile Synchro Skating Team, with a Beyonce themed routine (can you spot the ring?!)


 Futuristic dance costumes

Edgy and Futuristic: Major top, Android crop, and Captain Sleeveless


Miami university futuristic dance costume 2016
More Edgy and Futuristic: Miami University Dance Team in a custom dance costume from 2016


military and warrior theme dance costume

Warrior Woman:  the Warrior Vest style in two very different ways!  


Faribault shadow theme dance costume

Shadow play: Faribault High School's 2016 custom high kick costume with a shadow theme


Ashwaubenon dark and light futuristic dance costume

The Light and the dark sides: Ashwaubenon Dance Team's 2015-2016 high kick costume with a futuristic look



Moulin rouge dance costumes

Get in the Moulin Rouge spirit with these styles: Styles Badglely, Halston, and Daveny


Looking for more costume inspiration?  Check out this trends guide: Top 10 Character & Theme Dance Costume Trends >>


Adams Family or witch theme synchronized skating dress   Watertown Blue Revue Spiderman theme dance costume

More cinema inspiration:  Dazzlers Novice (Downer's Grove) with an Addams Family themed skate dress (left),
and Watertown Blue Revue with a fierce Spiderman themed hip hop dance costume.


spiderweb dance costume dance alley all stars

A Spider themed dance unitard from Dance Alley All Stars 


 Miami University syncrhonized skate team Diney Villianess  Diney Villianess synchronized skate dress

This Disney Villianess synchro skate dress was designed for the Miami University of Ohio's Junior team
 Sheer midi skirt dance costumes
These dark and sheer layers remind us of shadows or ghosts!  Styles Detachable Mahala Skirt (left) and Octavia Half Skirt (right)


Classic horror movie synchronized skating dress  St. Louis Synergy classic horror movie themed dress

St. Louis Synergy Novice with a Classic Horror Movie theme from 2015-2016 synchro nationals
tribal themed dance costumes
Tribal themed styles: Imari, and 411-33 Spangle Top with Detachable Imari Skirt

dazzlers Jungle Theme green snake dresses nationals 2016

 A custom jungle themed skating dress from Dazzlers Intermediate (Downers Grove)

Miami university senior evil queen theme skate dress

Evil Queen theme: Miami University Senior Team custom synchronized skating dress


Biker babe dance costume

 Model Eve channeling her inner biker babe in the Savannah

 So what will you be wearing for Halloween?  Something dark and edgy to represent your dark side, or something light and bright to represent your inner Disney princess? 


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