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Chicago Radiance FSC: Great Themes in 2015!

Posted by Pam on Feb 27, 2015

Beginner 1, Chicago Radiance, hockey theme, 2015, Blackhawks dress, The Line Up

We loved working with Chicago Radiance Synchronized Skating Club to bring their creative designs and themes to life this season. Synchronized skating teams tie their theme together with music, choreography, and, of course, costuming! The themes the Chicago Radiance coaches decided on for their teams for this year were delightful and strong, and were well reflected in their custom skating dress designs. Check them out below!

'Hockey'- Beginner 1

Beginner 1 Chicago Radiance 2015, The Line Up, hockey theme, Chicago Blackhawks, synchronized Skating

Chicago Radiance Beginner 1, hockey theme, costume, The Line Up

'Sister Act'- Beginner 2

Sister Act, Beginner 2, Chicago Radiance synchronized skating, The Line Up, 2015

'Devil With a Blue Dress'- Intermediate

Devil with the Blue Dress On, Chicago Radiance, The Line Up, synchro skating

Chicago Radiance Intermediate, Devil with the blue dress on, Skate, 2015, The Line Up

'Wizard of Oz'- Juvenile

Juvenile, The Line Up, Wizard of Oz, 2015, theme skate dress

Chicago Radiance Juvenile, Dorothy dress, theme, 2015, The Line Up

Wizard of Oz, Dorthy skate dress, The Line Up, Chicago Radiance FSC 2015

'Music' - Novice

Music, Novice, Chicago Radiance, The Line Up

Chicago Radiance Novice, Music theme, The Line Up

Chicago Radiance Novice, Music theme, The Line Up

Good luck to Chicago Radiance as they compete at Nationals this weekend!


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