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The Perfect Practice Top: Pro Team Roundup

Posted by Pam on Sep 25, 2015


New York Jets flight crew,cheerleaders,  The Line Up, sublimated practice top Photo by New York Jets Flight Crew

Whoever said that rehearsal outfits have to be boring? Why not "practice how you play" and always look fierce at rehearsal? This season, many teams are rocking some pretty spectacular practice wear. Our favorite of the bunch: the 420 sublimated top with team branding. So why do so many teams love this top so much? Well, let us tell ya:

1. It's comfortable and supportive - a MUST for practice wear. The halter straps are comfortable and don't pull down on the neck while providing maximum support. The top was also designed with the perfect amount of coverage to hide a bra for those times when a little extra something is needed. Either way, this top isn't going anywhere while you perfect your routine.

2. It's easily personalized. Logos and team branding can easily be printed directly onto the fabric of the top with sublimation. (What's sublimation, you say? Check out this post for more details.) Logos, lettering, or team colors - the options are limitless!

Here is a roundup of our favorite pro teams that are currently sporting this style:

practice tops for Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders, Washington Wizards Dancers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders, The Line Up

Arizona Cardinals, Washington Wizards, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Atlanta Hawks 2015 tops, new colors, The Line Up

The Atlanta Hawks have not one, but two great sublimated tops this season!

Practice Tops 2015, Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders, 76ers dancers, Washington Wizards Dancers, The Line Up

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders, Philadelphia 76ers Dancers, and the Washington Wizards Dancers.

And check out these great shots of the ladies in their perfect tops in action from our friends over at UltimateCheerleaders.com!

Washington Wizards dancers, All Pro 3, The Line Up

Washington Wizards Dancers

Houston Texans Cheerleaders, All Pro 3, 2015, The Line Up

Houston Texans Cheerleaders

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, All Pro 3,  2015, The Line Up

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleaders, The Line Up

New York Jets Flight Crew

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