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Customer Spotlight: The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders' New Uniform!

Posted by Pam on Oct 8, 2015

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Stacie Kinder, coach of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders, always has fun and innovative uniform ideas to keep her team looking fresh, yet still true to the Titan's brand. This year's new signature uniform was no exception! Stacie wanted a new look that would differentiate the Titan's from the other NFL teams. To do this, her design priorities were:

  • Team branding with logos - the Titans Flame is always a hit!
  • Mostly white uniform with navy blue accents, moving away from the red and light blue of last year's uniform
  • A slim fitting skirt
  • A halter top with support and flattering style

With the help of our design team, dye sublimation became integral to the design. By printing a custom Titan Flame and ombre detailing directly onto the fabric, the Titans Cheerleaders were able to create a truly custom design. What a great face lift to an already great uniform- love it!

Check out last year's uniforms and their fresh new look:

Tennessee Titans cheerleaders uniforms, The Line Up, NFL Cheerleader uniforms

Last year's look for the Titans Signature Uniform

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