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Looks We Love: 14 Dynamic Semi-Pro and Pro Hockey Ice Crew Uniforms

Posted by Trista on Dec 1, 2015

Colorado Avalanche Ice Girls Custom Uniform Top and Dress by The Line Up

Colorado Avalanche Ice Girls

The lakes haven’t started freezing yet here in Minnesota, but the dropping temps and the start of NHL season last month has us craving a little ice time! We just finished wrapping up quite a few projects for some semi-pro and pro hockey ice crews and dance teams: The Chicago Blackhawks, The Washington Capitals Red Rockers, and longstanding customers The Colorado Avalanche Ice Girls, among many others. Looking for a little design inspiration? Watch for these new uniforms on the ice this season!


Nashville Predators Energy Team Custom Uniform by The Line Up
Nashville Predators Energy Team
The Line Up - Custom Ice Crew Uniform for Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew
Toronto Maple Leafs Ice Crew Custom Uniform by The Line Up
Toronto Maple Leafs Ice Crew
Quad City Mallards Ice Girls Custom Uniform by The Line Up
Quad City Mallards Bud Light Ice Girls
Toronto Marlies Dance Crew Custom Uniforms by The Line Up
Toronto Marlies Dance Crew
San Diego Gills Ice Girls Custom Uniform by The Line Up
San Diego Gulls Ice Girls
Washington Capitals Red Rockers Custom Uniforms by The Line Up
Washington Capitals Red Rockers

Quad City Mallards Uniforms


Free Costume Planner - The Imagination Kit

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