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Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders:  The First Day as a Professional Cheerleader!

Posted by Deb on Apr 28, 2016


Ever wonder what it's like to be a professional cheerleader? We're lucky enough to have been invited behind the scenes of a few NFL and NBA teams, and we've seen just how dedicated and hardworking these talented ladies are! We wanted to share their experience with you, so we're starting a new series here on the blog all about the life of a pro cheerleader! This week, we'll get an exclusive glimpse of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders and their first day on the job.

Earlier this month, our Owner Deb and Account Manager Megan were invited to Philadelphia to help fit the team in their apparel. When they walked into Lincoln Financial Field, security was high - no one was allowed in the building without the proper credentials. Coming through the gate, Eagles are on watch everywhere - from the carpet pattern to the walls!



So, what was the first day as a cheerleader like?

For the Rookie Cheerleader, everything is new. For the Veteran Cheerleader, making it back on the team is not to be taken for granted.

Spirits were high! It was apparent by the laughter and excited voices; everyone was elated to be together as a team for the first time! With pressures of tryouts over, the focus was on getting prepared for the upcoming season.

The team was greeted by their coach, Barbara Zaun. Barbara has been the Eagles Director of Cheerleading since 2002, and she arrived from having worked a full day at the NovaCare Complex - the Eagle's practice facility and offices. Her day was about to get even longer!



The first call to order was fitting each cheerleader in their new custom uniforms and practice attire. Deb and Megan helped measure the team, which they took back to The Line Up to determine sizes for their uniforms.

Their uniforms include game day pieces by famed designer Vera Wang. The ensemble features a variety of pieces including a bra top, shorts, skirt, short sleeve jacket, ‘wing’ jacket, pants, and a cold weather leotard. Although the signature uniform was designed by Vera Wang, each piece is custom made at The Line Up’s manufacturing facility in Minneapolis.

But that's not everything - the team has even more practice apparel in addition to their signature game day pieces! The pieces designed by The Line Up include: a warm up jacket, pants, shorts, bra and a tank top. All essential for rehearsals and appearances!

With that much attire to take care of, a custom Eagles Cheerleader carrying bag is essential. This year the request was for something large, with a zipper. And it wouldn't be complete without rhinestones - an accessory must for a cheerleader!

IMG_0112  IMG_0136

The day wasn't all glamour and ‘glitz’, though. As with all jobs, HR orientation was an essential part of accepting the position. The team's HR Director had everyone's attention as they signed the necessary paperwork and clarified expectations of the position. There was ample time for lots of questions and answers.

Last call to order was Deb and Megan providing a quick overview of how to care for uniforms and practices pieces. Each dancer gets one uniform, which they need to properly care for throughout the long football season. At the end of the season it is then returned to the team, some pieces to be reused next season.



The day ended at 9:45pm, after the sun had fallen and the only people left onsite are the security staff. Despite this, Barbara left the stadium to return to the NovaCare Complex to wrap up her very long day!

The NFL season has officially started for the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders! We're excited to see what is in store and follow these ladies on the field this fall! Good luck!


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