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You don't need your team to get started : How to plan ahead to take advantage of early bird costume specials

Posted by Jessica on Mar 3, 2023



One of the easiest ways to save on dance costumes is to plan ahead and take advantage of early bird discounts. 

Dance is a highly seasonal business, and when everyone wants their costumes in the fall, this can translate to an increase in lead-time and cost to you, the coach. To help offset this seasonality, every year The Line Up hosts an "early bird" sale from January to May, where teams can save on their custom dance costumes. However, the most common objection we hear is this "I don't have my team yet"! Here's a simple hack that many haven't considered:

You can take advantage of early bird savings by getting started with your design and prototype before you have your team formed. 


For once, you don't need all your ducks in a row! Your team does not need to be formed to start the design process with us. 


Here are a few things we need to get started on a design for you:

  1. Ideas – Do you have a theme, choreography, design or concept in mind. Share it with us, we love bringing it to life.
  2. Budget – We would like a ballpark figure to get started so we can direct the design and save time.
  3. Team Size – If you can provide an estimate on how large the team will be this will help us with timeline for production and costs.
  4. Timeframe – If you have ideas on when you will need the final product, this is important information to share so we can accurately manage your project. . Allow for 3-6 weeks to finalize your design illustration, plus another 2-3 weeks to get a sample made. So get started now with the fun part of the process - design and concept! 

Here is one thing we DON’T need to get started on a design for you:

  1. A fully formed team! Don’t wait to get started.

The pre-season sale offers huge savings and is extremely beneficial to save money, time and headaches.

 Once you have your team formed:

So...what are you waiting for? Let's get started creating something amazing for your future team!

Check out how the custom design process works here. 

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