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Customer Spotlight: Glen A. Wilson High School

Posted by Karen on Aug 19, 2016

Glen A Wilson High School Cheer Uniform

Every dance team strives for that true dichotomy in skills: strong technical style combined with crowd pleasing entertainment. In Hacienda Heights, California, the Dance Team at Glen A. Wilson High is well on their way to this goal!

This summer alone, the team went to dance camp and brought home 17 new routines to use for the season.  Coach Melissa Megerle said “It is our goal to have several dances for the year so that we never repeat a performance.” What a goal!!!

Using a combination of both hip-hop and pop songs for sporting event performances, plus more technical lyrical and contemporary songs for their competitions, this team strives to be the definition of an all-encompassing dance team!

Glen A Wilson High School Cheer Uniform 

“We Are a Family”

The Glen A. Wilson Team not only values its dancers for their capabilities during performances, but also as unique individuals and students. “We are a very diverse team not only nationality wise, but also in training background. Some of our dancers have come from studio, cheer teams and our awesome Dance PE program,” said Coach Melissa.  Though the girls represent a plethora of backgrounds, they truly come together as one when they perform as a team.

Their biggest challenge as a team so far?  Balancing academics and team needs. “We aspire to be not only a strong and entertaining team but also a representation of our schools high academic standards.”  Doing this requires the team to support each other in mind, body, and spirit, which is no problem for this group!

“WE ARE A FAMILY!!” Coach Melissa said proudly. “We are a team of dancers who support each other and want what’s best for each other.”

Glen A Wilson High School Cheer Uniform

Professional Style

The Glen A. Wilson Dance Team designed a custom cheer uniform to showcase their performance level for each routine. Their uniform was inspired by Professional Dance Teams in the NFL and NBA who both entertain fans and promote spirit. “We wanted an iconic look like those in college and professional spirit dance teams” said Coach Melissa.  The goal was something that would be a “very unique and eye catching uniform for performances to separate ourselves from other teams on campus.”  

The uniform silhouette is a classic fitted cheer dress with contrast side stripes, incorporating their school colors.  A white sequin encrusted Zsa Zsa fabric makes up the main color, which pops on the field and on the floor!  It's a look that will allow for great extensions and skills while staying appropriate for school events.

Glen A Wilson High School Cheer Uniform

We’re looking forward to hearing more from the Glen A. Wilson Dance Team this year - good luck ladies as you compete!!!

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