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Expert Coaching Tips: Advice from 5 NFL Cheerleading Coaches

Posted by Stephanie on May 15, 2017


This February, directors for NFL's prestigious cheer and dance teams got their 2018 season off to a start at the NFL Director's Conference in Philadelphia! We were able to chat with a few of our coaching friends while attending the event, and asked them if they had any advice for fellow coaches.  Here's what these experienced and talented women had to say!

Special thanks to  these influential NFL Cheer Coaches for their contributions!

Tami Krause - Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders
Tara Battiato - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders
Charlotte Simons - Cincinnati Bengal Cheerleaders
Denise Garvey - New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleaders
Stephanie Judah - Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders

For more great coaching resources check out our Pre-Season Planning Guide.  Written by Tami Krause – coach of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders!

Pre-Season Planning Guide - Free Coaching Checklist

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