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Meet The Line Up Team: Julie, Product Designer

Posted by Abby on Dec 19, 2018


Get to know Julie,  a Product Designer here at The Line Up! 

Employee Spotlight: Julie, Product Designer 

What do you do at the Line Up?

I am a product designer at The Line Up, so I design and pattern custom uniforms. During the design phase I’ll take inspiration from your concept and put it into an illustration. Once the design is approved, I'll create the pattern, and a prototype will be made from there. After the prototype is finished, I’ll take the steps necessary to make sure the final uniform is ready to go into production.

Why do you love working at The Line Up?

I love working here because every day is so different and each day I get to be very creative. I also love being apart of different team's projects from the initial design phase all the way to the final product.

What is your dream vacation?

There are so many places that I would LOVE to go and explore, but if I had to choose one place, I think I would choose Switzerland. The mountains and small towns look so peaceful, beautiful, and like an amazing place to adventure!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be too many things to count, and they were all across the board. Some of the most memorable career ideas were: a writer, artist/illustrator, counselor, geologist. I always knew deep down that I needed to stick with the creative field because that’s where my passion has always been.

What #LineUpLook is your favorite and why?

I had to narrow it down because there are so many styles that look incredible. I’m going with the Anora because it’s super unique and has so many flattering elements that I think could be easily modified to look (even more) like a custom costume!




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