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The 3 Best Synchronized Skating Dress Trends from World Synchro 2017

Posted by Trista on Apr 13, 2017

Cool Dreams Senior Rock and Roll Dress 

It was an exhilarating weekend for synchronized skating fans - the 2017 World Synchronized Skating Championship was held in sunny Colorado Springs!  

We were excited to be able to take a field trip to Colorado watch the international competition in person!  24 teams from 19 different countries competed for the world synchronized skating title - so much amazing talent!

Our favorite part?  The skating dresses, of course!  We can't take credit for these stunning dresses, but here are a few of our favorite costume trends from the competition!


Rhinestone Necklaces & Chokers

The world synchro stage knows how to do bling!  We loved seeing rhinestones take the form of super-blinged necklaces and chokers on numerous teams.  Oversized crystals in massive quantities helped maximize the crowd pleasing sparkle at a distance. 

Teams left to right: Tararstan, Team Surprise, Team Paradise, and the Crystalettes

Synchronized skate dress trends - rhinestone necklace


Ombrés, Ombrés, Ombrés!

Ombrés were everywhere!  We loved how color gradients added interest and a modern twist to simple silouhettes. This is a trend we don't see going away any time soon!

Teams left to right: Nexxice, Maricold Ice Unity, and the Cyrstalletes.  

Synchronized skate dress trends - ombre gradient


Dynamic Gloves & Mitts

We saw at least five teams sporting gloves or mitts throughout the two day competition! It was a simple addition that added emphasis to arm movements and hand gestures.  

Gloves created an edgy twist to Team Surprise's glamorous champagne colored dress, added a touch of elegance to Tararstan's regal dress, and helped enhance Tatarstan's circus theme free skate!

Synchronized skate dress trends - gloves and mitts

Photos via Ice Network 


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