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Team Spotlight: Onyx Synchronized Skating

Posted by Meagan on Jul 7, 2017

Onyx Synchro Novice Team.jpg

Team: ONYX Synchro

Director/Head Coach: Heather Blasko

Location: Rochester, MI

Style: Synchronized Skate Team

Onyx Synchro's Novice Team's "Night Circus" Theme

The Onyx Synchronized Skating Novice Team had quite the theme for their Nationals Championship in Illinois this year!  Their program was inspired by the book "The Night Circus!" 

Their music was a mixture of carnival fun house sounds, Broadway songs, and "Sideshow The Musical" as the finale. "We always love the big build-up of the finale! This one spoke to the theme of diversity and acceptance, which made a big impact on the team's performance," explained coach Heather Blasko.

Drawing design inspiration from the cover art for the book, Onyx Synchro created a custom synchronized skating dress fit for their theme.  "It's a vintage, circus sideshow look that turned out beautifully!" Heather said.  A few key design elements pull the circus look together:

  • bold black and white stripes with red accents
  • a laced bodice reminiscent of a Victorian corset
  • and a three tiered skirt to create the perfect bustle look.

We loved how it all came together!  

The team qualified for the 2017 National Championships this past year, placing 12th  overall!  Check out more photos and the TLU Q&A from Onyx below.

The Line Up Design Concept Inspiration.jpg

The Novice team's dress design (left)  and the cover art inspiration from "The Night Circus" (right)

The Night Circus Theme Onyx Synchro Novice.jpg

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Onyx Team Skate in the Night Circus Dress jpg

Onyx Syncho Team Picture in Night Circus Dress.jpg


TLU Spotlight Q&A: Onyx Novice Team Embrace.jpg

What makes your team/group unique?

In our first year as ONYX Synchro and we qualified for the National Synchro Championships in the Novice Division!

What is your favorite memory from the season?

Hands down, the favorite memory is waiting for the scores and realizing we made it to Nationals! 

What was your team's biggest challenge/opportunity this season?

Our biggest challenge was gaining the confidence we needed to BELIEVE that we could perform the way we did. Teamwork and consistency, with a challenging and emotional program, paid off!


Onyx Synchro Juvenile Team's "Peter Pan" Design

Check out some bonus pictures below from Onyx Synchro's Juvenile team and their Peter Pan theme dress!

Onyx Juvenile team photo.jpg

The Line Up design drawing Peter Pan.jpg    Peter Pan Live inspiration.jpg

The Onyx Juvenile Team's "Peter Pan" design (left) and the inspiration for the design from Peter Pan Live! (right)

Onyx Synchro Juvenile Ice Skate.jpg

Onyx Syncho Peter Pan Juvenile Team.jpg

Onyx Synchro Juvenile Peter Pan holding arms skate.jpg

Onyx Synchro Juvenile Peter Pan .jpg


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