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The 2018 Color of the Year for Dance Costumes

Posted by Trista on Sep 22, 2017

Color of the year for dance costumes: dusty rose

Styles: 202 Long Line Crop, Brookfield Short Skirt, JolynnRoseangela Leotard


For all our color lovers and trend watchers, The Line Up chose a color of the year that embodies the current mood in dance!   We surveyed our designers, researched competitions, and took a nod from pop culture to determine the trend setting color for 2018. Here it is:

Color of the year for dance costumes: dusty rose

Dusty Rose - The Color of the Year!

The color of the year for dance costumes - Dusty Rose - is soft, romantic, and a fresh take on feminine.  It's the new neutral.  

Color of the year for dance costumes: dusty rose

 Top: Dance Arts Centre in a custom costume, Bottom: Styles Ione, Aster, and Vivi

We know dancers are very familiar with wearing pink.  We're no strangers to a sparkling bubble gum pink, shocking coral, or an eye-burning hot pink accent in dance costumes.  

Yet dusty rose, while still pink, strays far from these varieties.  It's a softer tone, a grittier color, poised to embrace the femininity in a modern era.  The name of one of our favorite fabrics, Mushroom Rosesparkle Zsa Spa (seen on the Jolynn above), says it all.  

When pink has been showing up everywhere lately - from the well documented millennial pink trend, to rose-gold iphones, and iconic salmon hued sneakers, it's no surprise that it's infiltrated its way into the world of dance costumes.  

A fresh take on the ever popular nude look, it's the new neutral.   

Feminine, while not in your face, it's perfect for a subtle romantic look. 

 Color of the year for dance costumes: dusty rose

 Clockwise from Top Right: Sophie Brandser in the Octavia Leo (Photo via @sophiebrandser),
StyleVivi, Cherry Creek Poms in a custom costume, and Style Aria


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