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Top 3 Cheer & Pom Uniform Trends for 2019-2020

Posted by Stephanie on Apr 18, 2019

Trends for Custom Cheer Uniforms and Pom Dresses

Every year we start designing our latest collection by doing a lot of research.  We look at what teams are wearing on game days and at competition, what our customers are designing, and the fashion trends on the runway. Despite the creative and diverse looks out there,  there's always a few clear trends that emerge! 

Here's a look at 3 of our favorite cheer and pom uniform trends for 2019: 

1. Gaga

Everyone knows that sparkle is a staple in cheer and pom. Create a uniform that's totally customized to your team with sequined Gaga as a base fabric. Your team's logo, lettering and colors can be printed directly onto sequin fabric using dye sublimation. Great for a sporty look that still has the glitz and glam.

Custom dye sublimated cheer uniform

From left to right: 420-236 Gaga top, 690-1 Zsa Zsa skirt, Adina dress, 202-11 Adina Gaga top, and 200 Pom Dress Gaga

2. Striking Backs

Open and strappy backs have been trending in the dance world for some time, but we're loving this trend applied to a cheer or pom uniform as well! A unique back adds some edge and wow factor to your cheer or pom uniform when performing. Who says the front of your uniform has to be the star?! 


Custom cheer uniform with strappy back

From left to right:  Oaklyn dress, Minnesota Timberwolves Dancers in a custom dress, Davies dress, and Livie biketard

3. Sublimated Mesh

Mesh, Athletic Mesh and Pop Mesh give the perfect amount of coverage and texture, without feeling too heavy. Not only that, with dye sublimation, anything is possible when it comes to colors and logos printed onto the mesh! A mesh top, leo or biketard makes for the perfect canvas for your team's logo and branding. The end result is a look that's versatile from game day to competition!

dye sublimated mesh cheer uniforms

 From left to right:  Gleason Mesh Sublimated top, 202-7 Pop Mesh Ombre top, Charlotte Honey Bees in a custom biketard, and Ombre Mesh Leotard with Lettering


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