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Two Easy Ways to Create a Custom Synchronized Skating Costume

Posted by Trista on Jun 27, 2019

Lainey  Lainey Leotard_Cropped

One of the best things about designing a custom skating dresses is that anything is possible - but sometimes the best solution is also the most simple!  Our favorite method of creating a custom dress is by finding inspiration from a dance leotard and modifying it slightly to create a garment perfect for skating.  

Check out two examples of how to modify a dance design into a skate style below! 


Add a Skirt to a Leotard to Create a Skating Dress

Add a skirt to a leotard is the easiest way to make a skating dress!  Synchronized skating dress patterns start with a leotard base, so turning a leotard into a dress is an easy modification!  In the image below, the Vineyard style started as a leotard (left) and was modified to create a skating dress (right) by adding a skirt. 

Vineyard Leotard  Modified Vineyard Skate Dress_2_Cropped

Similarly, this Tribal Mesh Leotard (left) turned into a skate dress (right) with the addition of a skirt and black tights. 

Tribal Mesh Leotard_Tribal skate combined


Add Leggings to a Leotard to Create a Skating Bodysuit

Another easy solution is to add leggings to a leotard to create a bodysuit.  It's a look not seen every day, but we've seen some adventurous teams making this a new trend!  Combine two separate garments - a pair of leggings and a leotard - to create this look, or create a unitard by attaching the leggings to the bodice. 


Styles pictured (left to right): Borderline Leotard, Borderline Skate Unitard, Borderline Skate Dress

In summary, when creating a custom skating dress, the easiest place to get started is with a dance leotard.  Companies specializing in skating dresses love this option because it is often a simple pattern modification, which will also save you time and money! 

Need help getting started with your custom skating dress? Contact us for a free design consultation!



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