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Pro Bowl 2014

Posted by Laura on Jan 27, 2014

We get excited for the Pro Bowl every year, and this season is no different. With so many talented ladies and creative costumes in one location, we can't help noting and admiring so many different signature styles! Mostly though, we are more than a little jealous of the Honolulu sand and sunshine, where here in Minnesota the low for today was -23 (not including windchill). The NFL posted a few pictures on Facebook from this past week's festivities, which further conceded our wanderlust and vitamin D deficiency.

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Happy Veteran's Day!

Posted by Laura on Nov 11, 2013

Featured are Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders in their military apparel on November 7, 2013.

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MVC Halloween Game - Where's Waldo?

Posted by Laura on Oct 28, 2013

We loved seeing the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders in their Halloween costumes, and we especially loved creating our very own Where's Waldo for MVC Pam!

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Topics: Professional Dance - NBA, Team Spotlight, Professional Cheer - NFL

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders New Costumes

Posted by Laura on Aug 23, 2013

The Miami Dolphins rebranded this year with a new logo and slightly different colors, which means the cheerleaders needed new uniforms for 2013! They wanted to keep their similar signature pieces, but update the logos and rhinestones. We were excited to help create their new look for the upcoming season! We love that they kept with their classic look as it is so recognizable and a fan favorite. Some changes included adding splashes of aqua to the scalloped edges of the neckline to really make the garments pop during their performances! We couldn’t wait to get these new designs into production and make their vision a reality. We look forward to seeing these beautiful women rocking it out on the field in their new uniforms!

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Topics: Professional Dance - NBA, Team Spotlight

Galactic Dancers

Posted by Laura on Aug 21, 2013

The Galactic Dancers, the official cheerleaders of the German National Basketball Team, premiered their new uniforms at the first of a 7-game series in Europe. The team selected a few online styles. One outfit was a halter and skirt, and the second was a halter and shorts. We LOVE working with Christina to coordinate uniforms and look forward to future designs!

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Milwaukee Bucks

Posted by Laura on Aug 12, 2013

The Milwaukee Bucks have chosen their 2013-2014 Milwaukee Bucks Dancers and outfitted the finalists in TLU! They wore our popular jersey top with sublimated "BUCKS" lettering and our 580 Wide Band shorts. We couldn’t be happier to be working with this wonderful team again and adore coach Tricia Crawford. We are extremely excited about their new designs for this season and cannot wait until they unveil!

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Topics: Cheer, Pom & Gameday, Professional Dance - NBA, Team Spotlight

New Mix and Match Separates

Posted by Laura on Aug 8, 2013

The possibilities are endless when you have the ability to Mix & Match. We have added to our online store many new separates and accessory pieces that will provide you with numerous creative options. Start with a base garment - top, skirt, shorts, dress, biketard, unitard, or use one you already own!

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Minnesota Costuming

Posted by Laura on Jul 19, 2013

Minnesota Coaches! Are you struggling to find affordable costume options that are MNHSL compliant? Our online store is a great place to start as these items are pre-patterned saving you costs! With some minor tweaks to meet the rules, we can outfit your team in an amazing costume within your budget. Don't forget - our High Kick/Pom/Cheer section has tons of styles that will work as well! Call us today to discuss more options!

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Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders

Posted by Laura on Jul 3, 2013

Thank you to the Kansas City Chiefs who recently shared a couple photos with us! We designed a long sleeve jacket last season, embellished with lettering and rhinestones. We also love to see their signature top and skirt on the new girls each year. To see more photos of the Chiefs Cheerleaders and meet the new squad, visit their website.

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Topics: Professional Dance - NBA, Team Spotlight

West Virginia University

Posted by Laura on Jun 21, 2013

West Virginia University designed gorgeous custom costumes for Nationals this year! They were inspired by our online Bridget, but created their own custom design with that as inspiration. They competed at NDA in Collegiate Open Division 1A and placed 4th overall! Congrats on a great year!

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