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Team Spotlight: Breathtaking Design with St. Francis High School Dance Team

Posted by thelineup on Jan 19, 2016

St Francis High Kick Custom burgundy unitard 2015-2016

With soaring aspirations, Wisconsin's St. Francis High School Dance Team's challenge was to design their new high kick uniform with the dance theme of “God’s Breath.” Undoubtedly, they needed a look that would sparkle more than ever. Beth Obst, the team's adviser, described the vision for their new high kick costumes as “breathtaking”, we were excited to get started! This design needed to be nothing short of spectacular!

St Francis High Kick Custom burgundy unitard 2015-2016 with rhinestones

St Francis High Kick inspiration picture of Gracie Gold



For design inspiration, the team chose a gorgeous figure skating dress worn by U.S. champion skater, Gracie Gold. This was definitely a custom costume design. The Line Up’s Megan and Michelle worked closely with Beth and Rachael Obst, collaborating from the get go. Everyone worked together through the design, prototype and production process so the team was 'performance ready' with their new look in hand in time for the competition season.

One thing you can’t miss about this dress: the rhinestones – there are a lot of them. Have you ever wondered what it take to apply that many rhinestone? Each garment has over 1,120 rhinestones of different colors and sizes! This intricate rhinestone work took hours to design. From there, the production team rolled up their sleeves, spending hours on each dancer's costume hand applying stones to make sure they all looked the same.

Ultimately, the high-intensive design and teamwork paid off. Now the SFHS Dance Team can show off their high kicks with unforgettable sparkle, leaving the audience and judges breathless!

St Francis High Kick Custom burgundy unitard 2015-2016

St Francis High Kick Custom burgundy unitard 2015-2016


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