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How to Get the Most Out of Your Camp Top!

Posted by thelineup on Apr 12, 2016

camp tank tops for dance team, loose fitting and slouchy

Are you as ready as we are to kick off the next season? We know this time often begins with camp - a whole chunk of time dedicated to team bonding and bringing everyone together! It's the first time you get to show off your team to the world, so style and passion are a must! And camp tops have become an essential for sporting team spirit. So, how can you get the most out of your campwear investment, especially when budgets are always tight? Here are a few tips that prove a little extra planning and time could potentially save yourself some money and stress later! Read on to see how to make the most out of your dance camp apparel:

South Metro 2015 Pink Tanks, chevron camp tanks
South Metro Dance Academy in their bright and fun ombre practice tanks.


1. Buy a quality top meant to last.

We know splurging an extra $10 now sounds like a lot, but in the end it could potentially save you from buying another outfit later, and spending even more! If you buy quality that can be worn again and again, it’ll be worth the investment. And that’s not always something you can get from a cheap top who’s glitter comes off in the wash!

Chanhassen custom tank top and tshirt for team apparel,
Chanhassen High School Dance Team rocked two great team apparel looks: a tank and a short-sleeve shirt with custom lettering and patterns.

2. Design a stunning style that could work for more than one performance.

Think of something that is versatile and spectacular enough not just for camp, but also fall performance, game day, or marking! A white screen printed t-shirt might loose it luster after camp, but something like a halter style with sequin lettering might have enough sparkle and class to work for fall game day performances!


3. Coordinate your top with the rest of your team apparel.

The easiest way to do this? Pick something in your school colors, which will easily translate to game day. If your camp top is a girly pink theme that clashes with your warm-ups, odds are it won’t get used again. But if you purchase all of your team apparel to work together, it’ll be easy to mix and match styles while maintaining a cohesive team look!

team apparel and camp apparel for dance teams

Eden Prairie Dance Team jump


Now you're ready to kick off your season in style - and hopefully save a few bucks in the process!

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