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Team Spotlight: Hazen Drill Team's Smooth Routine Brings Them a State Championship!

Posted by Tom on Jun 19, 2018

Hazen drill team snack costume

Team: Hazen Drill Team
Coach: Lindsay Starr
Location: Renton, WA
Style: High School Dance Team - Military


Smooth Snake Routine Leads to a 4A Championship in Military  

“For me as a coach, I fight for my vision, and for the kids, they fight to be the best they can be, and no matter the way it ends, we all know we put up our best fight.” - Hazen Coach Lindsay

It was with that fighting spirit that the Hazen Drill Team brought home a Washington state title in Military this past March! Drawing inspiration from their snake theme, their goal was to come up with a routine that balanced smoothness and precision - something they believed would help them stand out in a more competitive division, while still maintaining the integrity of the Military category.

“It was a long process (through music, costuming and concept) to bring the idea of a snake (smooth), to a category that is all about precision," said coach Lindsay Starr. “And all is well when it ends well. Hazen walked away with a State Title!

We spoke to Emily, the product designer for their custom dance costume. “The snake was an intricate back detail, and emphasized their theme. Getting the colors and fabrics right was also important to them to make sure they stood out on stage.” 

Pops of bright pink were strategically placed to emphasize their lines, and the bold color palette combined with the snake applique made for a costume that definitely achieved their goal of standing out! 

The team was also able to add a few touches of their own! They added rhinestones and a diamond pattern to the velvet legs, creating a textured, snakeskin look to pull the theme together. 

Congrats on your season, ladies!  Check out some pictures of their performance and more Q & A with Coach Starr below!


Hazen Drill Team

Hazen drill team snack costume  Hazen drill team snack costume

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Team Spotlight Q&A with  Coach Lindsay

What was your competition music?

I complied a Snake mix, using “Cold Hearted Snake”, “Toxic”, “Poison”, “Trouble”, and “Scandalous”. I don’t want to even add how many hours I sat at a computer fixing or adding to this mix lol!

What makes your team/group unique?

What made Hazen unique this season was the huge change the team went under when new coaching came in. Redoing their entire program and adapting to those changes was a huge undertaking for all involved. Almost all our kids are trained in house and we spent about 20-25 hours or more a week training. I believe that is what sets us apart; we fought hard on and off the dance floor. 

What is your favorite memory?

Watching and being able to witness the team formulate as a unit. I know that sounds cliché, but watching a family form and the love these girls had for each other and their competitors was nothing shy of amazing. They always pushed themselves to be better and they always supported other programs. Win/Win 

What was your team's biggest challenge/opportunity this season?

The changes, new coaching, crazy practice hours and the constant pressure of pushing yourself past your limit. These kids never did any of the skills in this routine until this year. For me as a coach I fight for my vision, and for the kids they fight to be the best they can be, and no matter the way it ends, we all know we put up our best fight.

 Hazen Drill Team



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