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Team Spotlight: Little Chute Dance Team Places 1st in Kick and Pom at State!

Posted by Tom on Jun 5, 2018

Little Chute State Champions

Team: Little Chute High School Dance Team
Director/Head Coach: Beth DeBruin
Location: Little Chute, WI
Style: High School Dance Team, Pom and Kick  

The Unstoppable Little Chute High School Finished 1st in Kick and Pom at the WACPC State Championships

Little Chute Dance Team might be small, but they achieved their big goals of walking away with a 1st place finish in both Kick and Pom at this year’s state championships. “Our team motto was we can be strong alone, but we can be unstoppable together” said Beth DeBruin, coach for Little Chute High School Dance Team.

When asked about the inspiration for this year’s custom pom dress, Beth said she wanted to find a color that was unique and would help them stand out from the competition.  “We found the robin’s egg blue and knew that we had to use it! The color was soft but paired with the black and TONS of spangles made the dress stunning on the floor.”


Little Chute Pom Dress

little chute dance team Pom uniform inspiration

The team's design illustration (left), and inspiration from Yuna Kim(right)

Drawing inspiration from figure skater Yuna Kim's dress at Harvard University's Evening with Champions 2011 (above), their pom uniform incorporated a dramatic and glitzy style line in the front as well as a distinct strappy back.  

The color change in the arms helped to accentuate their choreography and add a visual interest to the routine. Their custom high kick uniform, which they re-purposed from last year, utilizes a color change look as well with a stripe of blue down the leg for a flash of color with every kick!

Check out some videos of their performance and more Q & A with Coach DeBruin below! 

Little Chute Kick Uniform

Little Chute Kick Uniform


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Team Spotlight Q & A

What is your music?

For pom we went with a mix of songs that we would use as our team motto this year.  We wanted to set new goals and push ourselves to be the best we could be.  We wanted to show that even though Little Chute is a small school that we could be right up there with schools double and triple our size. We went with songs with an unstoppable theme and used that to empower ourselves throughout the year. Our team motto was "we can be strong alone, but we can be unstoppable together." Making sure they knew that we could only reach our goals if they worked together.

For kick we went with a tribal/Bollywood feel.  We wanted something fun and energetic with interesting beats that the girls could get into while dancing it.

What makes your team/group unique?

This group was unique this year in how hard they worked and how hard they pushed us together.

What is your favorite memory, or what are you most excited for this season?

State had to be the best memory from this year.  The reason wasn’t just the championships, but it was how the girls came together and stayed focused as a team. As we were preparing, they started reminding each other of all the things I would remind them of at practice. It was a proud moment for a coach when you get to sit back and watch them coach and talk themselves through their dance.

What was your team's biggest challenge/opportunity this season?

This has to be our kick choreography. We kept changing it on them and making it more difficult as the season went on.  We changed over half the dance the week of big local competitions… TWICE!  They came away with a win each time, but we know it was nerve wrecking to make those big of changes the week of competitions. But they worked hard and trusted us and got it done!




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