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Meet The Line Up Team: Orfa, Production - Sample Sewer

Posted by Stephanie on Mar 13, 2019


Get to know Orfa, who works on the Production team on Samples and Prototypes here at The Line Up! 

Employee Spotlight: Orfa, Production - Sample Sewer

What do you do at the Line Up?

I've been working at The Line Up for over 8 year.  My primary job is to work with the samples and protos.

As a sample sewer,  I work with the designers in the Product Development department to sew the first sample garment (also known as a proto) for each order.  The protos are a way to make sure a pattern works, figure out the best way to construct a garment for production, and also give the production stitchers a guide for sewing the whole order later.  

Why do you love working at The Line Up?

I love working here because every day I do new things and that helps me to learn new things.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy spending my free time with my children and I like to do Zumba.

What #LineUpLook is your favorite and why?

 My favorite #LineUpLook is the new Jets Flight Crew's signature outfit. I just love the retro skirt and I've notice its becoming a more popular style. 


Jets 7

New York Jets Flight Crew's Retro-Inspired Signature Uniform

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