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Top 8 Jazz Dance Costume Trends

Posted by Trista on Aug 17, 2016

Jazz dance costume trends


It's an exciting time as college and high school dance teams are coming back from camp, schools and studios are back in session, and routines are conceptualized!  Looking for a little  inspiration as you plan for your next season?  We pulled together some of the favorite jazz dance costume trends for 2017 - check 'em out!

 1. A Fresh Take on Lace

Lace and appliques have been trending strong for quite some time, and while we still love this feminine look, we were starting to feel that a unique twist is in order.

One of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while? Adding a “second skin” with lace printed on mesh, creating the appearance of a lace tattoo!  So edgy, we love it!  

 Dance costume trend 1: Chantilly mesh lace

Styles Chantilly Skate, left, and Chantilly, right


2. Sparkling Patterns

What’s better than creating your own textile design? Making it sparkle! Get even more creative with this highly customizable technique.  Sublimate patterns, flowers or style lines on eye-catching fabric that will give you maximum shine from a distance. 

Dance costume trend: sparkling patterns

Styles 202-7 GaGa and Zahra

3. Futuristic

Fashion meets technology with this edgy jazz look! Angular shapes, streamlined structure, and chic metallic  fabrics evoke ideas of robotics, space age, and your favorite sci-fi movies!  

 Dance costume trend: futuristic

Styles Major, Android Crop, and Captain Sleeveless
Dance costume trend: Futuristic Miami Univeristy Dance Team
Miami University Dance Team in a custom costume


4. High Waist

This was also one of the top Cheer uniform trends, and for good reason!   Lately, when we want to give new life to an old style at The Line Up, we simply pair a top with a high waist short or skirt and it instantly looks more up-to-date!  It's the perfect addition to a crop top and the ultimate in figure flattering!  

Dance costume trend: High waist

Styles Martina and Martina Long Sleeve

Texas Techin a high waist skirt

Texas Tech University at NDA College Championships

5. Peplum Leotards

Pair a peplum with a leotard for a modern and striking look!  So what’s a peplum, you ask?  It’s a short flared skirt, that hits at the natural waistline.  The right peplum can create a slimming effect, provide a feminine look, and give any style an up-to-date feel!

Dance costume trend: leotards and peplum

Styles Paislee Leo and Beyonce

peplum leotard on All About Dance

All About Dance Senior Jazz in a modified Wednesday style

Want to add bling to your costume?  Check out the video tutorial:  How to Rhinestone a Costume: Flat Back Method >>

6. Mixing textures

 Trending fabrics like Zsa Zsa (sequin encrusted), lace, Charlize lace (sequin encrusted lace), mesh, and slick myst metallics create the perfect opportunity to mix textures for drama!  They'll give a little extra depth and dimension, especially when used with the perfect finishing touch - rhinestones!  

jazz dance sostume trend: mixing textures

Style Rhiannon and Emerson
Spring Lake Park dance team in custom dance costume
Spring Lake Park Dance team combined Charlize sequin lace leggings with a mesh animal print top - both rich in texture!

7. Spangles

The most exciting new way to add sparkle?  With spangles - threadless sequins that are heat set to your garments.   New technologies allow you to go graphic and create patterns and designs out of sequins.  Flowers, chains, waterfalls, geometric shapes, you name it!  Added bonus: it's cheaper than rhinestones, while still maintaining maximum shine at a distance!  

dance costume trend: spangles

Styles Lily Leo and Sage

University of south carolina dance team in sequin biketard

University of South Carolina Dance Team rocking the Hunter style.  Photo credit: NDA


8.  Strappy Back

We've been spotting dynamic and strappy backs on many teams -  perfect for creating a little surprise drama!  The best way to pull this look off?  Maintain a wide and open back so straps can take the full stage!   Or, try adding sparkle just in back for a grand gesture like South Metro Dance Academy, below!

dance costume trend: strappy back
Left to right: University of Minnesota Duluth custom costume,
Purdue University custom costume,  
Boston University Dance Team custom costume

South Metro Dance Team rhinestone back strap

South Metro Dance Academy custom costume

 So what do you think?  Will your team be rocking any of these dance costume trends this season?   

Costume trend round-up:  Top 10 Lyrical & Contemporary Dance Costume Trends >>


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