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Top 9 Hip Hop Dance Costume Trends

Posted by Trista on Sep 26, 2016

Top Hip Hop dance costume trends 

When it comes to dance costumes for team Hip hop routines, the style is easily many dancers' favorite, perhaps because hip hop costumes are mostly street style!  Edgy and accessible, it's easy to pull off-the-rack styles for your performance.  Looking for a little inspiration for your upcoming hip hop performance?  Here are some hip hop dance costume looks we've seen trending, plus a few bonus dance videos of these looks in action!

1. Jersey Look

The ever popular sparkle jersey has been trending for cheer and team apparel this year, but when it comes to hip hop dance teams, the baseball jersey has taken over.  Always oversized, and always black.  Add a mesh panel for an updated classic, perfect for representing your team!

Top Hip Hop dance costume trends - jersey look

 Pictured here: Sparkle Jersey with 556-9 Harem Pants, and the Baseball Jersey


The Royal Family Varsity, from New Zealand, sports the baseball jersey look in their Bronze Medalist MegaCrew Division performance at Hip Hop International 2016 this year:


2. Sports Luxe

Sporty meets feminine with this trend! Athletic details like graphic branding and jersey mesh get a luxurious touch with sparkly Zsa Zsa sequin fabric, cropped bra tops, and metallic accents.  It's a look that's highly influenced by NBA Dancers, something you'd likely see on the court!  Not your average gym wear - it’s athleisure at its most glam! 

Top Hip Hop dance costume trends - sports luxe

Pictured here: Lexus Top, Watch Me Tank, 425-45 Top, and 575-28 Leggings

 Chicago Luvabulls know sports luxe - check out their most recent video, dancing on top of the United Center:


3. The Jogger Pant

You know these pants well, and probably have a pair your self.  A slim fit sweatpant with cuffs, the perfect athleisure staple. It's roomy enough to let you move, yet slim enough to still be figure flattering!  Good bye harem pants, make room for the jogger pant.  

Top Hip Hop dance costume trends - jogger pant

The Milwaukee Bucks Dancers' most recent costume pairs some bold jogger pants in white and green with a cute zip crop.  
Photo credit: Milwaukee Bucks Dancers

4. Represent

Without a doubt, the most essential hip hop dance team ingredient is this: team pride on full display with logos and lettering! Large or small, sparkly or matte – it’s the perfect way to represent your crew. 

Top Hip Hop dance costume trends - log and letteringPictured here: 419-165 Lettering Top, Lexus Pants, 202-7 Mesh Top, and 566-11 Harem Pants


Hip_Hop.jpg   Hiphop_pants_and_gloves.jpg

 Lousiville Ladybirds added a large "L" logo to basic tanks for their Hip Hop routing at NDA last year!

The Ole Miss Rebelletes sported a cropped top with lettering at their UDA performance last year:

5. Oversized

Perhaps more of a staple than a trend, the oversized look isn't going anywhere any time soon.  The best way to pull this off for the ladies?  Pair an oversized men's top with leggings to create the perfect balance of baggy and slim fit.  

Top Hip Hop dance costume trends

Pictured here: Pop Mesh Crew- Men & Boys, 575-25 Leggings, Prentiss Men & Boys, and Tear Leggings

The BYU Cougarettes at NDA nationals last year looked phenomenal in a oversized black and white jersey: 

6. Mesh

Mesh insets seem to be everywhere - from your favorite yoga leggings to that breezy work out tank.  It's a look that's covered yet revealing, and adds a layer of texture and drama.  Bonus:  mesh is perfect for an oversized look that won't hide your dancer's lines.  Top Hip Hop dance costume trends - mesh

Pictured here: Camden Crop, Freeskate Crop, 556-9 Harem Pants

University of St. Thomas Dance Team  - Hiip Hop 2016

 University of St. Thomas dance team designed a mesh sweatshirt with their school's logo across the chest - here they are in action, in thier performance right before taking 1st at UDA:



7. Bold Bottoms

Contrasting colors, diagonal lines, and a mix of textures make for stand-out hip hop bottoms!  Pair these dynamic leggings it with a simple crop or shirt, for a complete look that's not over the top.   

Top Hip Hop dance costume trends - bold leggings

Pictured here: 411-33 Top, 575-23 Leggings, 202-7 Mesh Overlay, Beetlejuice Leggings, Vista Mesh Top, 575-14 Ombre Leggings
Top Hip Hop dance costume trends - Timberwolves Dancers
 The Timberwolves Dancers designed some harem pants with bold stripes, which also featured their logo.  

8. Black & White

Black will always be a staple of hip hop, most often paired with red, blue or gold.  But our favorite color combo lately?  Has to be black and white.  It's been all over the runways and street style photography in recent years, and for good reason - it's a clean and simple look that's easy to pull off. Our favorite is when these two colors are paired with bold lettering and graphic patterns to add interest. 

Top Hip Hop dance costume trends - black and white

Pictured here: Kamora Crop and Lexus Pant

Top Hip Hop dance costume trends - Timberwolves Dancers

The Timberwolves dancers in black and white leggings - the pattern is their "Wolves" logo repeated!  

Larkin Dance Studio wore a black and white Adidas look at The Dance Awards last year:  


9. Grunge Influence

Flannel shirts, ripped pants, beanie hats - these are just a few ingredients to the perfect grunge look.  Give it a hip hop edge with the perfect pair of sneakers and you'll have this look covered.  

Top Hip Hop dance costume trends - grunge influence
Pictured here: Crop Sweatshirt, 575-28 Leggings, Tear Leggings, Lady Top

Check out UNLV's performance at UDA nationals last year to see this look in action:


So what do you think?  Will your team be wearing any of these hip hop dance costume trends this year?

Looking for more inspiration?  Check out this free download!!

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