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3 Ways an All Black Tryout Outfit Doesn't Have to Be Boring!

Posted by Stephanie on Apr 12, 2018

College and Pro Cheer Audition Wear - All Black tryout outfit

Recently we talked about The 3 Best Color Options for College and Pro Cheer Auditions. But what if your team requires that you only wear black?! How do you show off your personality and style while conforming to this color standard?

The guidelines of "What to Wear: black fitted crop top, black fitted short" doesn't mean it has to be boring. We've compiled 3 ways that you can spice up your all black tryout outfit, so that you can stand out at your college dance team or pro cheer audition!

1. Play with Textures

College and Pro Cheer Audition Wear - All Black tryout outfit

Styles from left to right: Azalea top, Gleason Mesh top and 419-8 top, 411-33 top, and 411-33 Lace top.

A great way to add a little edge to your black audition apparel is by adding texture! Think mesh to add dimension, or even pop and big hole mesh to give that sporty hip hop look!  Another option is to layer sheer pieces to create more depth.  


2. Add a Little Sparkle and Shine

College and Pro Cheer Audition Wear - All Black tryout outfit

Styles from left to right: 420-107D top, 425-5D Zsa Zsa top, 425-5D top, 259-89B top, and Baron top.

Add some sparkle and shine to your all black outfit! Consider a sparkly sequin fabric, bling out your top with rhinestones, or use a Myst or hologram type of fabric, which can give the appearance of a faux leather. Super edgy! Be sure to check that rhinestones or sequins are allowed for your audition before using - some teams prohibit their use for tryout outfits.


3. Think About a Unique or Figure Flattering Design

 College and Pro Cheer Audition Wear - All Black tryout outfit

Styles shown from left to right: 260-3 top, 419-170 top, Chicago top, and Aura top.

If all else fails (or is not allowed), look for a more unique silhouette for your outfit! There are plenty of unique options besides the default racer back sports bra and booty short. Look for a halter or strappy top that will be the most flattering fit for you!


Think outside the box when it comes to your all black audition wear! Spice it up with sparkly, foil or hologram fabrics to add depth and texture. Use sequins, lace or textural mesh to bring across your personality. An all black color scheme can give your tryout apparel some edge and sass if you find the right look. Good luck with tryouts!


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