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Team Spotlight: GVSU Laker Dance Team Stuns in Their Game Day Look

Posted by Stephanie on Nov 20, 2019

Custom coed cheer team uniforms

Team: GVSU Laker Dance Team
Head Coaches: Rael Orao & Katy Nyenbrink
Location: Allendale, MI
Style: College Dance Team
Instagram: @gvsu_lakerdanceteam


GVSU Laker Dance Team Stuns in Their Game Day Look 

The Grand Valley State University Laker Dance Team is a group of determined and hard-working student athletes. When the team sets a goal, they stick to it and are always striving to do better! "We rally our team by clapping for every “win” at practice, and circling up to share what we’re proud of our team for when we need a boost," said Coach Rael Orao. Last year, it was getting the entire team to be able to execute team rubber bands in a square. We can't wait to see what the team will accomplish this year!

Working with the GVSU Lakers previously, we helped create their signature black game day uniforms that have a pop of Lakers blue and mesh blocking along the sleeves. The team wears our 112-177 Crop top and 680-2 skirt! To make this look their own, they picked out their own colors and added their team name on the back.

This year, GVSU designed a coordinating look for their male teammate! Starting with a long sleeve, v-neck silhouette, TLU Designer Michelle incorporated blue trim at the neck and down the bodice, and mesh blocking at the shoulders. Some blue lettering on the back was the finishing touch to match the outfit with the girls' uniform. Pairing the top with our 569-1 short completed the uniform!

Custom mens cheer uniform

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See more of the GVSU Laker Dance Team and their Q&A, below.

GVSU Laker dance team uniforms

GVSU Laker dance team custom uniforms

College dance team custom uniforms

College dance team game day uniforms

GVSU Laker Dance Team Game Day Look

GVSU Laker Dance team

GVSU Laker dance team

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What makes your team/group unique?

Our team is unique because we attract dancers with strong work ethics who have the desire to improve. This attitude is the driving force that pushes our team to set challenging goals each season and level up each year. Our dedicated team members genuinely love our program and become amazingly supportive alumni!

What does teamwork mean to you?  How do you rally your team?

Teamwork means holding yourself accountable in every situation to make the person next to you proud. It means fostering a positive work environment where team members will encourage their peers, celebrate their successes and offer support through every challenge.  

We rally our team by clapping for every “win” at practice, and circling up to share what we’re proud of our team for when we need a boost. We also end every practice and get together with hands in and 1-2-3, LDT!!

What is your favorite fan memory, or what are you most excited for this season?

We are very excited for the unique opportunity to attend Dance Team Union High School Nationals as winners of the 2019 College Classic Battle Round. We look forward to opening their Battle Round with a special performance and meeting dancers and teams from all over the nation!

What was your team's biggest challenge/opportunity this season?

Our biggest challenge and consequently our biggest opportunity this season is to push our team to be better than the year before by setting a difficult goal for Nationals. In 2019 one of our goals was to execute team rubber bands in a square. We started with 12/13 freshmen who had never done them before and 12 returning members who had only performed “regular” bands the year prior. After months of hard work, dedication, practice outside of practice, progress videos and a few headaches, we did it! The confidence we gained through goal setting last year has us feeling like anything is possible for 2020! Team aerials? Back handsprings? A crazy turn set? We’re ready to let the process AND progress begin and hope you’ll follow along with our team this season to see what we achieve!


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