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Looks We Love: The Best of High School and College Gameday!

Posted by Brooke on Oct 19, 2016


The OSU Pom Squad in 420-174 Dresses

Game Day is Finally Here!

The leaves are starting to turn, the morning is filled with crisp, cold air, and please add pumpkin flavor to EVERYTHING. For some people it just means that summer has come and gone, but for us and our customers it means GAME DAY (and autumn of course)! 

Football season is now underway for high schools and colleges, and seeing all of the gameday looks gives us all of the fuzzy fall feelings, so we decided to share some of our favorites we've seen around social!  Check out some of the best custom cheer uniforms from the  high school and college dance teams this 2016 football season!  Looking fabulous ladies (and men), as usual!

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Team Spotlight: Georgia Tech's Positive & Spirited Goldrush Dance Team!

Posted by Trista on Oct 14, 2016

 Georgia Tech Goldrush Dance Team's Custom cheer uniform

Team: Georgia Tech Goldrush Dance Team
Director/Head Coach: Brandy Kirschner
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Style: Gameday & Pom Dance Team

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Dance Costumes on a Budget: 5 Ways to Upcycle Last Year's Costume

Posted by Stephanie on Oct 11, 2016

 Custom jazz, high kick and synchronized skate costumes based on online style, Wednesday

Whether you have a tight budget or are in a time crunch... planning for your team's dance costume isn't easy! To make the costume process a little easier and more cost effective, consider upcycling an old costume! One of the best ways to save money is to use something you already have.  

Using last year's costume doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a fresh look either!  There are easy ways you can make simple changes to your old costume to create a whole new look! 

Many custom dance costume companies are willing to alter your old costumes for you, or you could DIY. All your old costume needs is a little TLC, time, and proper garment care and it'll be just like new!

Here are a few ideas on how you could upcycle your dance costume:

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Top 10 Character & Theme Dance Costume Trends

Posted by Trista on Oct 10, 2016

 Theme dance costume - animal print unitard

Character costumes - perhaps some of the most fun costumes out there - can be used for so many different types of routines: tap, high kick, jazz, hip hop, synchronized skating, you name it! If you're getting ready to pick your team's theme, take a look at this list of our top 10 favorite trends for theme dance costumes and skating dresses!!!

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Team Spotlight: The Hurricanettes' Bold & Spicy Latin Themed Uniforms!

Posted by Trista on Oct 7, 2016

University of Maimi Huricanettes Dance team in a latin themed dance costume

Team: University of Miami Hurricanettes Dance Team
Director/Head Coach: Natalie Chernow
Location: Miami, Florida
Style: Gameday & Pom Dance Team

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Costume Planning: The Best Dance Costume Options for Your Time Frame

Posted by Deb on Oct 5, 2016

The Best dance costume options for your time frame

Planning for your performance requires thought, preparation and plenty of time.   Your artistic expression starts with selecting the theme and music, which is then complimented with the perfect dance costume.  It takes time to find the right look, make sure it flatters everyone, and arrives in plenty of time for your first dance competition.  This is not an overnight endeavor!   

If you are ready to get serious about ordering your dance costume, one piece of advice we can offer is this: the key is to plan ahead!  Dance costumes have a surprisingly long lead time, up to 18 weeks depending on the time of year or option you choose!  Whether you are in a crunch or are thinking ahead, here are some great options for dance costumes based on your planning schedule!

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Team Spotlight: OSU Pom Squad’s Classy & Athletic Cheer Uniforms

Posted by Trista on Oct 4, 2016

Oklahoma State University Pom Squad in custom cheer uniforms

Team: Oklahoma State University Pom Squad
Director/Head Coach: Beki Johnson
Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma
Style: Gameday Pom Squad

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6 Mistakes That Will Zap Your Dance Competition Score

Posted by Karen on Oct 2, 2016

Chaska High School in custom yellow high kick dresses

Whether you dance in a studio, on a football field, or on a gym floor, odds are you are working hard to plan for your competition season. One key element to any performance is, of course, the Score Card. While every competition has different scoring standards, there are several aspects of competition dance that are consistent across the board. Take a look at these six common mistakes that will zap your dance competition score and decide for yourself if they apply to your team!

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Team Spotlight: Rainbow Warrior Dancers’ Bold & Sparkly Statement!

Posted by Trista on Sep 30, 2016

Rainbow Warrior Dancers Custom Cheer Dress

Team: University of Hawaii Rainbow Warrior Dancers
Director/Head Coach: Maryssa Carr
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Style: Gameday Cheer

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Team Spotlight: UConn Dance Team's Sparkling Game Day Top!

Posted by Karen on Sep 29, 2016

UCONN dance team on the footbal field  UCONN dance team in sparkling red crop tops

Go Huskies!

Out of Connecticut, the UConn Dance Team both supports their school as well as competes for their own glory!  At school, they rally the crowd at the University of Connecticut for the Huskie fans at football and basketball games.

On the dance competition floor, the team brings out their more technical side at the NDA National Championships. Most years, the team competes with two different routines, and in 2015 the team placed 5th at the NDA College Nationals with an amazing hip hop routine!

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