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How to Get Started on Your Dance Costume (Even If You Don't Have Your Team or Funding Yet)

Posted by Meagan on Mar 22, 2018

how to get started on your custom dance costume design early

Competition season has wrapped up, your team's hard work has paid off, and it's already time to begin planning for next season.

Starting early on your custom dance costume design can save you time, stress, and money, but one of the main constraints we hear is, "I don't have my team or money yet!" 

No worries, there may be a solve for you! There are ways to get started even without your team assembled OR your funds in place for the year. Read on to find out how.

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3 Unexpected Ways to Save on Custom Dance Costume Costs

Posted by Stephanie on Jan 2, 2018

Chaska High School MN State 2017 Kick Dance Costumes

If there's one thing we've learned over many years of creating custom dance costumes, it's that things can quickly add up! However, we've found that there are always ways to cut costs to ensure that your dance costume stays in budget. While this sometimes means cutting out certain elements of your design, it doesn't always have to! Sometimes thinking out of the box with your finishing details can help you save big time.

Recently we covered 4 DIY Dance Costume Embellishments That Add the Perfect Finishing Touch. Next up in our Dance Costume Cost series is 3 unexpected ways you can save on custom dance costume costs!

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4 DIY Dance Costume Embellishments That Add the Perfect Finishing Touch

Posted by Stephanie on Dec 22, 2017

We've kicked off our How Much Does a Custom Dance Costume Cost series and next up we're talking about dance costume embellishments!

Embellishments add the perfect finishing touch to your custom dance costume. But when designing on a budget, they're often the first thing to get cut. Why? Because they can get pretty costly and add up quickly! Not only do you have to consider the cost of the embellishment itself, but also the labor costs to have your costume company apply the embellishments for you.

However, you shouldn't have to sacrifice those finishing touches because of your budget! The easiest way to save is to apply the finishing touches yourself.

Here are 4 dance costume embellishments that you can add yourself for the perfect finishing touch, while also cutting costs:

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How Much Does a Custom Dance Costume Cost?

Posted by Stephanie on Dec 7, 2017

How much does a custom dance costume cost?

One of the most common questions we get regarding costumes is "how much does a custom costume cost?!" This can be a difficult question to answer because a custom costume is just that - custom - and depends on what you add! Everything is completely unique, which means that the pricing is unique as well.

As a general guideline, custom costumes can range anywhere from $150 to $600. The more detail and complex, the higher the price.  However, we generally tell people the average price of a custom dance costume is around $250, and to start with that budget in mind.  

If you're looking for more information, here are six areas that will determine how much your custom dance costume costs:

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How to Estimate the Number of Rhinestones for Your Dance Costume

Posted by Trista on Sep 14, 2017

dance costume rhinestone estimator

Rhinestones are the perfect finishing touch to any costume, but often the biggest question we hear is: how many rhinestones do I need? It's a tough question to figure out especially when:

  • 100 gems sounds like a lot, but is actually on the low end of the price spectrum,
  • Design illustrations can be poor representations of a finished rhinestone design because it's difficult to represent gem size and placement accurately,
  • Minor tweaks in spacing can drastically effect the quantity of rhinestones.
If you're trying to figure out the number of rhinestones you need for your next dance costume, check out these 4 easy methods, below!

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Video Tutorial: How to Remove Stains from Dance Costumes

Posted by Meagan on Jul 28, 2017

Did you know that many stains can be removed from your dance costume, skating dress, or cheer uniform using a few simple tricks?

To keep you garments looking new for years, be sure to remove pesky stains immediately before washing your costume.  You know the ones – self tanner, makeup, food, and even glue marks are all common stains that can easily be removed.  We’ll show you how, step by step, below! 

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So Fresh and So Clean: "How To Wash A Dance Costume" Video Tutorial

Posted by Trista on Jul 25, 2017


If we have to pick one single piece of advice it’s this: don’t be afraid to wash your costume!

We know, we know! The thought of something going wrong and potentially ruining your costume is enough to make you want to ignore the stinky mess! But not cleaning your costume can potentially cause more damage than just the smell factor.

Laundering your garment to promote longevity and to keep it sparkling fresh. With proper care, a well-constructed garment should last you several years. Rest assured, you can easily do it yourself without risking damage to your costume.

Check out the video tutorial and tips below from the experts in our laundry department on how to wash a dance costume, cheer uniform, or skating dress without worry!

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Your No Stress Dance Costume Planning Checklist

Posted by Meagan on Jul 21, 2017

Dance Costume Planning Team Plan Session.jpg

Feeling overwhelmed with all the details when it comes to figuring out all of your team's apparel needs?  We know that planning for the upcoming season can be stressful, so we've compiled a dance costume planning checklist to make sure you're on track.  It includes activities for:

  • Dance costumes,
  • Cheer and performance uniforms,
  • Camp apparel,
  • and Warm-ups!  

Follow the step-by-step guide to make sure you hit all your apparel deadlines!


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Dance Costumes on a Budget:  4 Cost-Effective Ways to Add Sparkle

Posted by Trista on Nov 9, 2016

Dance costumes with heat transferred sequins.

Styles Hunter and Lily Leo

When it comes to dance costumes, there's one ingredient that is pretty universal: sparkle.  Best way to add a little glitz and shine is with rhinestones, but paying your costume company to apply rhinestones can become a costly expense.  If you are on a budget like most teams, here are four great ways to get a sparkly dance costume that won't break the bank!

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Costume Planning: 4 Things You Need to Know Before Designing a Dance Costume

Posted by Katie on Nov 1, 2016

jazz and lyrical dance costumes

We know that planning for an upcoming season can be a challenging yet exciting time!  When it comes to your team's dance costumes, there are many questions. Where do you start?  What information do you need!  Luckily it's pretty simple.  All you need to get started with designing a dance costume are these four things: budget, time frame, quantity, and concept.  Read on to learn more!!

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Dance Costumes on a Budget: 18 Doable Fundraising Ideas for Your Team!

Posted by Trista on Oct 28, 2016

Prescott High School Dance Team fundraising

Prescott High School selling cotton candy to fundraise for their dance team

When it comes to dance costume budget tips, the best advice we can offer is to contribute more to your team's budget with fundraising!  It’s a great way to help pay for your team’s expenses, and a little goes a long way.

Have your team work together to plan and run their fundraising efforts for ultimate team bonding! Plus, there are always a few great life lessons along the way like teamwork, customer service, and budgeting.  Here are 18 fundraising ideas for your dance team's next event.

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Dance Costumes on a Budget: 5 Ways to Upcycle Last Year's Costume

Posted by Stephanie on Oct 11, 2016

 Custom jazz, high kick and synchronized skate costumes based on online style, Wednesday

Whether you have a tight budget or are in a time crunch... planning for your team's dance costume isn't easy! To make the costume process a little easier and more cost effective, consider upcycling an old costume! One of the best ways to save money is to use something you already have.  

Using last year's costume doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a fresh look either!  There are easy ways you can make simple changes to your old costume to create a whole new look! 

Many custom dance costume companies are willing to alter your old costumes for you, or you could DIY. All your old costume needs is a little TLC, time, and proper garment care and it'll be just like new!

Here are a few ideas on how you could upcycle your dance costume:

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Dance Costumes on a Budget: How Color & Fabric Can Transform Any Look!

Posted by Stephanie on Sep 24, 2016

Vista Mesh Tee dance costume

We know that costume planning can be overwhelming! You want to find the perfect look for your team while still staying within budget. Sometimes staying within budget means you have to sacrifice finding a look that’s unique for your team, right? Wrong! Don’t sacrifice your style! Instead, find ways you can create your own look with existing styles by simply changing the fabric color!

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How to Rhinestone a Dance Costume: Flat Back Method

Posted by Trista on Sep 8, 2016
How to rhinestone a dance costumeRhinestones helped take this Raelyn dance costume to the next level! 

The easiest way to transform a costume?  With Rhinestones!  Stones can add the perfect finishing touch and take a simple costume from boring to stunning!  

This labor intensive embellishment, can often be the most expensive part of your dance costume or skating dress if left to the professionals.  But it is also the easiest to do yourself!!  If you are interested in saving a few dollars, check out our step-by-step instructional video below! 

Last week we took a look at how to rhinestone using Hotfix stones, which have the glue pre-applied to the back.  This week we'll take a look at rhinestoning a costume using flat back stones, which require the application of glue separately.   Follow this tutorial, and you'll get the hang of it in no time! 

How to Rhinestone a Dance Costume or Skate Dress: Flat Back Method 

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How To Rhinestone A Costume: Hotfix Method

Posted by Trista on Sep 2, 2016

How to Rhinestone Dance Costume Before and After

The Octavia Half Skirt before and after the perfect finishing touch - rhinestones!

Rhinestones: an essential ingredient for most dance costumes and skating dresses! They're a great way to add a little crowd-pleasing sparkle, create a little extra presence on the stage, and help your performers feel great!  But on the flip side, it can be costly to completely bling out your costume.  The best way to save a few dollars when it comes to rhinestoning?  Do it yourself!  Check out this step-by-step instructional video below, and you'll be a blinging machine in no time!  

This tutorial looks at  how to rhinestone using Hotfix stones, which have the glue pre-applied to the back.  For flat back stones which requires application of glue separately, check out part two of this series: How to Rhinestone a Costume - Flat Back Method!  

How to Rhinestone a Dance Costume or Skate Dress: Hotfix Method


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How Many Lives Can Your Costume Live?

Posted by Trista on Jul 18, 2016

St. Thomas Custom Jazz Costume 2014

How many lives can your dance or skate costume live?  Plenty, if you play it right!  Wearing the same costume 2 years in a row is an excellent way to save money, but have you ever thought of selling your team's digs to another group?  

The University of St. Thomas Dance Team (USTDT) did just that with their 2013-2014 jazz costume, which then went on to be sold again!  After wearing their Jazz costume at UDA Nationals, USTDT sold thier costume to Chaska Dance Team who wore it for a year.  Then, Chaska passed it on to Duluth Denefeld Dance Team, who became the third team to wear this trend setting outfit, taking it all the way to the Minnesota State Dance Team Championships in 2016.  What a testiment to quality and conservation (though we don't really want to get a whiff of those babies!).  

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Camp Top!

Posted by thelineup on Apr 12, 2016

camp tank tops for dance team, loose fitting and slouchy

Are you as ready as we are to kick off the next season? We know this time often begins with camp - a whole chunk of time dedicated to team bonding and bringing everyone together! It's the first time you get to show off your team to the world, so style and passion are a must! And camp tops have become an essential for sporting team spirit. So, how can you get the most out of your campwear investment, especially when budgets are always tight? Here are a few tips that prove a little extra planning and time could potentially save yourself some money and stress later! Read on to see how to make the most out of your dance camp apparel:

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The Easiest Way to Save on Your Custom Costume!

Posted by Trista on Mar 15, 2016

Western Michigan University uniform design sketch


It’s that quiet time of year for high school dance and skate teams right now … competitions have drawn to a close, but next year’s team hasn’t been formed yet. And while it’s the perfect time to take a much needed break from the season’s hectic activities and practice schedules, it’s also the perfect time to start planning for next year! We know, we know, “early bird gets the worm”, blah, blah, blah.

But,  planning ahead is the best way to save money and stress on your next custom dance costume or skate dress! And better yet, you don't even need your team roster to get started!

Here are a few good reasons why planning ahead can benefit your team:

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Garment Care 101: 5 Must-Know Costume Care Tips

Posted by Trista on Feb 29, 2016


washing pic 1

We’re in spring cleaning mode on the blog this month, and we’re talking about garment care! We know washing costume is not the most scintillating topic - but bear with us! Proper costume care it is perhaps the most important thing your can do to increase the longevity of your dance and skate wear!

Looking to reuse your costume next year, or resell it to meet your fundraising goals?  Here are 5 essential tips straight from our laundry department experts, that'll keep your costumes in top shape for years to come:

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Topics: Garment Care, Budget Tips

Garment Care 101: How to Wash Your Dance Costume!

Posted by Trista on Feb 24, 2016

washing tips image

The excitement of competition season is drawing to a close for many dance and synchronized skating teams, which leaves us with one not so exciting – though very important – question. What do I do with these stinky costumes?!? This month on the blog, we’re giving you our best costume care advice to take the stress out of washing your costume.

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Topics: Garment Care, Budget Tips

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