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Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders:  The First Day as a Professional Cheerleader!

Posted by Deb on Apr 28, 2016


Ever wonder what it's like to be a professional cheerleader? We're lucky enough to have been invited behind the scenes of a few NFL and NBA teams, and we've seen just how dedicated and hardworking these talented ladies are! We wanted to share their experience with you, so we're starting a new series here on the blog all about the life of a pro cheerleader! This week, we'll get an exclusive glimpse of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders and their first day on the job.

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Vikings Pro Bowl Cheerleader Karen Shares Her Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Posted by Trista on Feb 23, 2016

2016 Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowl Cheerleader Karen

Last month, one of our Account Managers, Karen, took two weeks off to travel to beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. This was no ordinary beach vacation though - Karen traveled to this exotic local to represent the Minnesota Vikings as their 2016 Pro-Bowl Cheerleader! What an honor! Did you know that The Line Up is proud to call THREE current and former employees Pro-Bowl Alumni? Our Marketing Coordinator Pam and former Account Manager Laura were also chosen to represent the Vikings.

2016 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders

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Good Luck to our Superbowl Teams!

Posted by Pam on Feb 4, 2016

White Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders Topcats uniform

We have not one but TWO of our amazing customers cheering in the Superbowl this Sunday. We don't like to pick favorites, so we aren't going to! Good luck to BOTH of our amazing customers, the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders and the Carolina Panthers TopCats as they cheer on their teams. We couldn't be more excited for you and can't wait to see you shine on the sidelines!

Here's some fabulous shots of our gals on the sideline rockin' their TLU uniforms!

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Team Spotlight: Designing New Uniforms for the Arizona Cardinals’ Cheer Team

Posted by thelineup on Jan 5, 2016

arixona cardinals Team photo.jpg

Color us proud! This last August, one of our very own local talents, Kristina Ferdig (a former Viking cheerleader and Line Up model) landed a new role as Director of Cheerleading for the Arizona Cardinals. Without skipping a beat, Kristina tackled her first task: Designing and ordering the team’s new uniforms.

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Looks We Love: NFL Cheerleaders Salute in Style!

Posted by Pam on Dec 4, 2015

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders military outfits for 2015 created by The Line Up

During the month of November, you may have noticed that the NFL Cheerleaders were rockin' some extra special uniforms on the sidelines, celebrating military appreciation through their Salute to Service campaign. We were honored to outfit the ladies on the sidelines and help create their special look for the month.

Check out our beautiful NFL customers in their military garb!

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Team Spotlight: Baltimore Ravens Playmakers & Alumni

Posted by Pam on Nov 12, 2015

Last week, we gave you the "behind the design" story for the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders' new uniforms. But did you know that there are even more spectacular groups within this organization? We also outfitted the Raven's Playmakers and Pro Bowl alumni this year! What did they go with? Here's a peek:


The Baltimore Ravens have a promotional team known as The Playmakers, who make appearances throughout Baltimore and surrounding areas and raffle off tickets to M&T Bank Stadium. The team is also present at all home games.

We were thrilled to work with Event & Game Entertainment manager, Ilsa, to design a new uniform for the Playmakers! Together, our design team and Ilsa landed on a tank and skirt, a look intended to provide more modest coverage as they make appearances in the community. Sticking with their team colors of purple and black, the top and skirt also coordinates well with their existing custom warm-up jacket- we love the overall look!

Baltimore Ravens Playmakers, uniforms, The Line Up



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Team Spotlight: How the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders Perfected Their New Signature Uniform!

Posted by Deb on Nov 4, 2015

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders in new white 2015 uniform, The Line Up

Ever wonder what pro teams consider when designing a new uniform? Tina, director of the Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders, had a few things in mind when she came to The Line Up needing a fresh, new look for her team. The ladies had been wearing the same uniform from The Line Up for several years, and were long overdue for something new and innovative!

Changing their look was serious business, and the process took well over a year! Many pro teams want to ensure their uniform is unique to their team brand, to create their own "signature" look. Designing the Raven's uniform was a collaborative effort that involved a lot of discussion about goals, several design iterations, a couple different sample garments, approval from the Raven’s organization, and numerous tweaks along the way!

So, how did they make it happen? Here's a sneak peek behind the design process:


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Looks We Love: Breast Cancer Awareness in the NFL!

Posted by Pam on Oct 27, 2015

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Breast Cancer Awareness Boot covers, the line up

Have you seen all the sideline beauties - aka NFL cheerleaders - sporting pink lately? It's all in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the NFL's campaign, "A Crucial Catch." A Crucial Catch, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, is focused on the importance of regular screenings to prevent breast cancer. Throughout October, NFL games players, coaches, cheerleaders and referees can be seen wearing pink game day apparel to bring awareness to the cause.

Check out some of our NFL cheerleader friends rockin' their pink this October, and help support American Cancer Society by donating now!

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Customer Spotlight: The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders' New Uniform!

Posted by Pam on Oct 8, 2015

NFL cheerleader uniforms, New Uniforms, Titans Cheerleaders, 2015, The Line Up

Stacie Kinder, coach of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders, always has fun and innovative uniform ideas to keep her team looking fresh, yet still true to the Titan's brand. This year's new signature uniform was no exception! Stacie wanted a new look that would differentiate the Titan's from the other NFL teams. To do this, her design priorities were:

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The Perfect Practice Top: Pro Team Roundup

Posted by Pam on Sep 25, 2015


New York Jets flight crew,cheerleaders,  The Line Up, sublimated practice top Photo by New York Jets Flight Crew
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