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Team Spotlight: The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders' Multi-Uniform Wardrobe!

Posted by Meagan on Dec 6, 2017

Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders uniforms 


Our partnership with the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders has evolved over the last 20+ years from the first practice wear apparel that we made them in 1992, to their multi-uniform wardrobe of the present!  Their looks have changed so much over the years and we've loved watching their look evolve.

This year's extensive costume wardrobe includes numerous pieces that work for a variety of gameday and appearance activities. Fun fact - the cheerleaders name all of their costumes to make it easier to coordinate with the team!  We've highlighted our favorite MVC looks below - take a look! 


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Team Spotlight: Miami Dolphins Cheerleader's New Uniforms

Posted by Trista on Nov 6, 2017

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders new uniforms

Homecoming for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Several weekends ago, the Miami Dolphins had their first regular season game, and the homecoming could not have been more rewarding for the team after weeks away from home.  

In the aftermath and recovery from Hurricane Irma, the team's first home game was rescheduled to later this season, and earlier in the season the team traveled across the pond to London, where they took on the Saints as part of the NFL's London Games

Along the way, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders patiently waited to debut their new signature uniforms this season. Now the team is back on home turf, and looking better than ever!

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Team Spotlight: KC Chiefs Cheerleaders' New Red Uniforms

Posted by Trista on Sep 26, 2017

Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders new dance costumes new red uniforms

Team: Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders
Director: Stephanie Judah
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Style: NFL Cheer

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Expert Coaching Tips: Advice from 5 NFL Cheerleading Coaches

Posted by Stephanie on May 15, 2017


This February, directors for NFL's prestigious cheer and dance teams got their 2018 season off to a start at the NFL Director's Conference in Philadelphia! We were able to chat with a few of our coaching friends while attending the event, and asked them if they had any advice for fellow coaches.  Here's what these experienced and talented women had to say!

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Audition Tips: 15 Things to Consider for Your Pro Cheer Tryout Outfit

Posted by Trista on Jan 26, 2017

Audtion tips for your pro cheer audition



Over the years, the tryout process for NFL cheerleaders and NBA dancers has become increasingly competitive and can feel very intimidating, even to the vet!  The key is to be prepared, do your research and be confident!  

To help, we've compiled a list of tips for your pro cheer audition outfit, pulled from the many years we've been outfitting pro cheerleaders and dancers!  From choosing a style to paying attention to the little details - we want you to help you be 110% confident! 


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Looks We Love: NFL Cheerleaders' Bold Color Rush Uniforms!

Posted by Trista on Dec 20, 2016

Seattle sea gals color rush uniform

Photo by Seattle Seagals

The NFL is changing their look and feel with Color Rush this year.  For special games, NFL teams will forgo the traditional white road uniforms and wear color uniforms designed specifically for the Color Rush promotion. The new digs are primarily one solid color, with color accents.  The result is a bold color versus color match up!  

The Color Rush concept began in 2015, with only 4 special promotion games.  In 2016 it's become a requirement for all teams during Thursday Night football games.

NFL Cheerleaders are getting into the action as well, with matching color rush uniforms of their own.  Check out a few of our friends on the sidelines, and their bold new looks!  

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Looks We Love: 7 NFL Teams With the Most Adorable Junior Cheerleader Uniforms!

Posted by Trista on Nov 4, 2016

Broncos Juniors Cheerleaders

Could you imagine cheering on an NFL football field, performing in front of a stadium full of thousands of on-lookers?!  This is an every-week occurance for many of our pro cheerleader friends, but many young girls get the same opportunity once a year, through Junior Cheerleading programs.  Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  

Many NFL Cheerleading teams offer Junior Cheerleader programs; where young girls, usually age 4-15, can learn dance fundamentals directly from the pros!  It's a fun and non-competitive program that fosters commitment and self-esteem, and improves talent.  The girls typically participate in a series of clinics, ending in an on-field performance with their mentoring Cheerleaders.   

And did we mention they get their own professional uniforms, usually styled after their Big Sister's outfits?  Check out the fabulous looks some of the Junior Cheerleaders have been sporting this season!   

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Team Spotlight: The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders' Icy New Look

Posted by Trista on Sep 13, 2016

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders in front of US Bank Stadium

 After three years of anticipation for the Minnesota Vikings organization and local fans in Minnesota, the football team's new US Bank Stadium is finally here!  The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders (MVC) celebrated the stadium's inaugural season with some new digs of their own: a stunning new signature uniform!  

The team revealed their new look yesterday with a fabulous photo gallery on their website.  Excitement has been running high at The Line Up - we've waited months to share MVC's custom cheer uniform with you!  Read on for a sneak peek behind the scenes of the team's makeover! 

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Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Team Spotlight: New Year,  New Stadium, and a New Look!

Posted by Brooke on Jul 26, 2016


Minnesota VIkings Cheerleders - ICE Signature Look

A New Look

Last Friday, the Minnesota Vikings family unveiled the magnificent new U.S. Bank Stadium to the public.  At the ribbon cutting ceremony, the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders (MVC) had something to show off too: a NEW Signature uniform!!  Luckily for us, they shared some amazing photos from the debut with the Ultimate Cheerleader Blog. Ladies and gents, take a look at their new look: "ICE"!

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The Line Up Takes Atlanta for the 2016 All Pro 3 P-R-O Convention!

Posted by Brooke on Jun 23, 2016

The Minnesota Vikings CheerleadersThe Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders 

Every year, we're so excited to take the short trip to Atlanta, GA to attend the All Pro 3 P-R-O convention! This get-together is one of the biggest conventions for pro, semi-pro and college cheerleaders and dancers from around the country. The P-R-O convention consisted of well-known NFL and NBA coaches and choreographers who taught new, fresh routines to the teams who attended. We loved seeing what the choreographers brought this year and enjoyed watching the amazing teams pick up the complicated choreography so quickly! Touching base with our customers and coaches always makes visiting memorable. We were so happy to see all of our talented friends again and can't wait to revisit HOTLANTA next year!

Take a look at some of our favorite customers who attened the event! 

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