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Dancer Spotlight: Emy Urdahl, Tremaine's Senior Female Dancer of the Year

Posted by Trista on Aug 12, 2021


Tremaine Dancer of the Year Emy Urdahl

When it comes to photoshoots, it's hard not to be in awe of our models - their flexibility, technique, and artistry never fails to impress us!  But we were a little thunderstruck last year when we heard that on of our models, Emy Urdahl was selected as Tremaine's 2021 Senior Dancer of the Year! 

Emy just finished her senior year at Dance Arts Centre in Chanhassen, Minnesota, accomplished studio in our back yard that holds a special place in our hearts (it's home for our Choreographers, Pam and Mollie). We've been lucky enough to work with her for a few years.  She came to us through a model call audition, and actually started her first shoot with us as a last minute replacement - how lucky for us! 

We chatted with Emy about her experience this year in the convention world, and what her plans are for the future.  Check out the Q & A below! 


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Topics: Dance Studio, Dance Life

Your Favorite Prints in Free Phone & Desktop Wallpapers!

Posted by Trista on May 23, 2020

Face masks with fun prints

We recently launched a new line of face masks in some bold and fun prints.  To celebrate, we turned those prints into free wallpaper downloads for your desktop, tablet or phone!  Just a little something to brighten your screen ! :) 

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Topics: Life at The Line Up

Competition Recap: 2020 Eastern Synchronized Skating Championships

Posted by Trista on Apr 19, 2020

2020 Easter Synchronized Skating Championships

While teams are on hold, we're continuing to look back at highlights from this past season!  One of our favorite competitions of the year -  the Eastern Synchronized Skating  Sectional Championships - was held this past January in  Albany, New York.  There simply isn’t a better way to capture the hard work of coaches, skaters, and costume details than some great action photos!  Here's a look at some of our favorite photos from the event! 


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Topics: Synchronized skating, Competition & Event Recaps

Competition Recap: 3 Priceless Photos from the 2020 Minnesota State Dance Team Tournament

Posted by Trista on Apr 4, 2020

Minnesota state dance team tournament 2020


As we do our duty to stay at home, we've been starting to feel nostalgic.  A plethora of social media challenges means plenty of throwback images to revel in!  Recently, we've been taking a look back at this past season and reliving some of our own favorite highlights!  

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Two Easy Ways to Create a Custom Synchronized Skating Costume

Posted by Trista on Jun 27, 2019

Lainey  Lainey Leotard_Cropped

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Topics: Synchronized skating, Costume Design Resources

4 Things You Need to Take Advantage of Early Bird Discounts (And It Doesn't Include Your Team Roster!)

Posted by Trista on Feb 22, 2019

4 Things You Need to Take Advantage of Early Bird Discounts (And It Doesn't Include Your Team Roster!)

Starting early on your custom dance costume design can save you time, stress, and money, but one of the main constraints we hear is, "I don't have my team or money yet!" 

No worries, there are ways to get started even without your team assembled or your funds in place for the year. 

You can take advantage of early bird savings by getting started with your design and prototype before you have your team or your full funding. Then, when you have your team and funding secured, you can place your full order.

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Topics: How to Design a Custom Dance Costume

Team Spotlight: Chaska Dance Team's Tenacious Season

Posted by Trista on Feb 12, 2019

Chaska high school dance team

Team: Chaska High School Dance Team
Coaches: Kris Rydland, Tara Lindemeier, Tracy Standahl, Lindsay Danielson
Location: Chaska, MN
Style: High School Dance Team, Jazz and Kick  

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Topics: High School, High Kick, Team Spotlight, Jazz, Lyrical, & Contemporary

The Wizards & Cavaliers New Senior Dance Teams

Posted by Trista on Feb 5, 2019

Cleveland Cavaliers Senior dance team

The Washington Wizards and the Cleveland Cavaliers have a new addition to their entertainment lineup: senior dance teams!  The teams, aptly named Wizdom and Wine & Goldies,  are made up of dancers 50 years of age or older.  Many of the members have had past careers as dancers and auditioned against 50+ of their peers to make the team. 

The Wizards and the Cavaliers join the ranks of the Pelicans, and Golden State Warriors, Bucks, Heat, and Bulls  - all teams that have added senior dance teams in recent years. The new additions have occurred among a trend of more inclusive changes with NBA dance teams.  The Wizards, Raptors, and Spurs have also re-branded their dance teams and now feature co-ed members.  Who says only ladies can dance?! 

Check out some photos and videos from the Wizdom and the Wine & Goldies first performances this season!  

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Team Spotlight: The New York Jets Flight Crew's Retro-Inspired Signature Uniform

Posted by Trista on Jan 31, 2019

New York Jets Flight Crew

Team: New York Jets Flight Crew
Director & Choreographer: Denise Garvey
Location: New York
Style: Professional NFL Cheerleaders

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Topics: Team Spotlight, Professional Cheer - NFL

Competition Recap: 2019 Iowa State Dance and Drill Championships

Posted by Trista on Jan 8, 2019

2019 Iowa State Dance and Drill Championships 

Photos by Tim McConnell Photography. 

The Iowa State Dance and Drill Association Championships were held early last month in Des Moines, Iowa, and we recently got a few photos of the competition from photographer Tim McConnell.   

The Iowa State Competition is very different from many state competitions because there are colleges that compete, co-ed categories, production categories, light show categories, and more, in addition to the traditional dance team categories. So cool to see such a variety in one competition! 

Check out a few of the teams we were lucky to have outfitted for the tournament, below!  

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Topics: Competition & Event Recaps

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