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Team Spotlight: Hunnies Cheerleaders Heat Things Up with Their Fiery Uniforms!

Posted by Tom on Oct 20, 2018

Hunnies Cheerleaders in their new fiery uniforms!

Team: Hunnies Cheerleaders
Owner/ Coach: Christin Cox
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Style: Professional

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The 3 Best Color Options for College and Pro Cheer Audition Outfits

Posted by Stephanie on Feb 15, 2018

Customized Pro Cheer Audition Wear

You've found your perfect outfit for your pro cheer audition and are ready to order! Now the question is, "What colors do I get?!" With endless possibilities for color combinations for made-to-order styles, we get that it is no easy task to decide!

Every year, we get a lot of questions about the best color combinations for tryout wear, so we've compiled a list of the top three color options for your pro cheer audition apparel. Check out the list below!

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Team Spotlight: Rostock Seawolves Debut Their New Dance Team!

Posted by Stephanie on Nov 16, 2016

Team Name: Rostock Seawolves Dance Team
Location: Rostock, Germany
Coach: Cacilda Pereira
Style: Basketball Dance Team

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The Line Up Takes Atlanta for the 2016 All Pro 3 P-R-O Convention!

Posted by Brooke on Jun 23, 2016

The Minnesota Vikings CheerleadersThe Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders 

Every year, we're so excited to take the short trip to Atlanta, GA to attend the All Pro 3 P-R-O convention! This get-together is one of the biggest conventions for pro, semi-pro and college cheerleaders and dancers from around the country. The P-R-O convention consisted of well-known NFL and NBA coaches and choreographers who taught new, fresh routines to the teams who attended. We loved seeing what the choreographers brought this year and enjoyed watching the amazing teams pick up the complicated choreography so quickly! Touching base with our customers and coaches always makes visiting memorable. We were so happy to see all of our talented friends again and can't wait to revisit HOTLANTA next year!

Take a look at some of our favorite customers who attened the event! 

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Team Spotlight: The Atlanta Blaze Dancers

Posted by Karen on Jun 6, 2016

The Atlanta Blaze Dancers Custom Dance Costume

NBA, NFL, or Semi-pro arena football teams are very familiar to us here at The Line Up, but have you ever heard of a professional lacrosse dance team?  Enter the Atlanta Blaze Dancers!  The Atlanta Blaze Dancers are a part of a Major League Lacrosse Team in Kennesaw, GA. As a new team, the Blaze Dancers contacted us to help them create their signature uniform for their 2016 season!

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Team Spotlight: The Portland Steel Cheerleaders Sparkle in the Arena!

Posted by thelineup on May 11, 2016


Portland Steel Cheerleaders wearing custom made sparkle jersey

A New Team Emerges

Watching football is a treasured American pastime, and if your anything like us, a favorite part of the game is getting a glimpse of the cheerleaders on the sidelines! The Arena Football League (AFL) brings a fresh dynamic to the classic american tradition with a faster paced and higher scoring game. One of its teams, the newly branded Portland Steel, is supported by the vibrant Portland Steel Cheerleaders. This enthusiastic team truly represents what it is to be the ultimate fan entity for their AFL Team!

Currently in their debut season, the Portland Steel Cheerleaders pump up their crowds for the newly re-named Portland Steel Football Team! These girls love their football team and its fans and work hard to show their support. One of the favorite memories of the season so far? On opening night, the Portland Steel Cheerleaders rallied their fans behind the football players and made their inauguration to the League a memorable one!!! The fans love the girls’ energy and amazing presence while they cheer on their long-awaited AFL Team!

"Our crowd has really rallied around the team and the dancers feed of the great energy," Rea, a member of the team, said. "Can't wait for our next home game!"

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Westchester Knicks: New Team, New Uniforms for 2014!

Posted by Pam on Nov 25, 2014

The Line Up Westchester Knicks Dancers Knicks gals 2014 new uniforms

It was a great night to debut a new franchise, a new team and new uniforms! "The Westchester Knicks Dancers were a hit on their debut night, wearing this stunning orange uniform," Coach Heather Van Arsdel said. The Westchester Knicks staff worked closely with The Line Up designers to come up with this crowd pleasing uniform and we love how it turned out! It's very glamorous with the bold, sparkly zsa zsa fabric and sporty with the pop mesh and athletic lettering.

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The 2014 Omaha Mammoths Cheerleaders Unveil New Uniforms by The Line Up

Posted by Pam on Nov 12, 2014

Omaha Mammoth Cheerleader , The Line Up, new uniforms, FXL cheerleader , Ashley

One of our new customers reached out and is thrilled to give our followers an intro to her team. Check out THE 1st cheerleaders for the FXL!

Here's what Coach Butler had to say:

Omaha Mammoth Cheerleader , The Line Up, new uniforms, FXL cheerleader katie

"The FXFL is a professional football league, which serves as a developmental platform for players, coaches and referees.

In 2014, the FXFL’s inaugural season is comprised of four teams. The Omaha Mammoths are the only team to select official cheerleaders for the 2014 season" and we, at The Line Up, are excited have created their uniforms!

Omaha Mammoth Cheerleader , The Line Up, new uniforms, FXL cheerleader Te'Ara

Under the direction of Carmen Butler, "the uniforms were designed with the NFL style in mind." We think they nailed it!

Omaha Mammoth Cheerleader Nicky, The Line Up, new uniforms, FXL cheerleader

The Omaha Mammoth took two of our webstyles (top and skirt) and customized them with their team colors. Start shopping now for YOUR uniform!

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