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Team Spotlight: Cherry Creek Pom's Elegant UDA Nationals Jazz Costume

Posted by thelineup on Apr 5, 2017

Cheery Creek _Jazz 8.jpg

Team: Cherry Creek High School Poms
Coach: Megan Bruhn
Location: Englewood, CO
Dance Style: High School Dance Team - Varsity Jazz

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Topics: High School, Jazz, Lyrical, & Contemporary, Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight: The Portland Steel Cheerleaders Sparkle in the Arena!

Posted by thelineup on May 11, 2016


Portland Steel Cheerleaders wearing custom made sparkle jersey

A New Team Emerges

Watching football is a treasured American pastime, and if your anything like us, a favorite part of the game is getting a glimpse of the cheerleaders on the sidelines! The Arena Football League (AFL) brings a fresh dynamic to the classic american tradition with a faster paced and higher scoring game. One of its teams, the newly branded Portland Steel, is supported by the vibrant Portland Steel Cheerleaders. This enthusiastic team truly represents what it is to be the ultimate fan entity for their AFL Team!

Currently in their debut season, the Portland Steel Cheerleaders pump up their crowds for the newly re-named Portland Steel Football Team! These girls love their football team and its fans and work hard to show their support. One of the favorite memories of the season so far? On opening night, the Portland Steel Cheerleaders rallied their fans behind the football players and made their inauguration to the League a memorable one!!! The fans love the girls’ energy and amazing presence while they cheer on their long-awaited AFL Team!

"Our crowd has really rallied around the team and the dancers feed of the great energy," Rea, a member of the team, said. "Can't wait for our next home game!"

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Topics: Cheer, Pom & Gameday, Team Spotlight, Semi-Pro & Other Cheer

Team Spotlight: Miami University Collegiate Team Skates its way to the Nation’s top!

Posted by thelineup on May 3, 2016

Miami University of Ohio’s Synchronized Skating Team is an entity unlike any of it's fellow collegiate programs. This program is made up of three unique teams which cover all altitudes of skating abilities at post-secondary level: Junior, Collegiate, and Senior. The University is able to recruit skaters from across the country for it's many teams, creating a one-of-a-kind program for skating.

Head Coach Carla DeGirolamo talked to us about their top-leveled Senior Team who recently went to the 2016 ISU Worlds Figure Skating Championships for the second year in a row. Only two teams from the United States are able to go each year, proving this Miami University to be a power-house for our National Synchronized Skating programs! Coach Carla's biggest challenge? Getting this team ready for their competition season in a very short period of time. With this team being able to compete at the national and international level, it is clear that her and her athletes rose to the challenge and made their season a successful one!

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Topics: Synchronized skating, Team Spotlight

How to Get the Most Out of Your Camp Top!

Posted by thelineup on Apr 12, 2016

camp tank tops for dance team, loose fitting and slouchy

Are you as ready as we are to kick off the next season? We know this time often begins with camp - a whole chunk of time dedicated to team bonding and bringing everyone together! It's the first time you get to show off your team to the world, so style and passion are a must! And camp tops have become an essential for sporting team spirit. So, how can you get the most out of your campwear investment, especially when budgets are always tight? Here are a few tips that prove a little extra planning and time could potentially save yourself some money and stress later! Read on to see how to make the most out of your dance camp apparel:

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Topics: Team Apparel & Warm-ups, Dance, Budget Tips

Team Spotlight: New Division and New Designs for the Wisconsin Edge Synchro Team

Posted by thelineup on Feb 27, 2016

Wisconsin Edge Intermediate Purple Skate Dress by The Line Up

Wisconsin Edge Intermediate Custom Skate Dress by The Line UpThis year has been full of new and exciting challenges for the Wisconsin Edge Intermediate Synchronized Skating Team. They moved into the national-qualifying division, which meant they needed to take everything up a level, from the music to the dresses!


The Music

Coach Sally-Anne told us a little bit about how they choose their music: “We play a variety of songs with different tempos, speeds, etc. during our clinics, tryouts and first few practices, and more often than not, the skaters end up helping pick their theme based on their reaction to what we play!” This year, the winner was a Bruno Mars medley! Now that they had the music, it was time to think about choreography and dresses.

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Topics: Synchronized skating, Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight: Hortonville Dance – A Team on Fire!

Posted by thelineup on Feb 26, 2016

Hortonville Flame Pom Uniform by The Line Up

It’s been a year full of surprises for Wisconsin’s Hortonville High School Dance Team! And we at The Line Up were thrilled and excited that Coach Kiara asked us to be a part of their journey this season, equipping the team with some fiery new pom uniforms for their state competition!

Coach Kiara also took some time to tell us a little more about her team: “This team is full of energy, spunk and fire. The amount of passion, heart and energy that this team displays while performing is so fun to watch.” This year, the team chose “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys for their song. This song highlighted the team’s passion so well that it inspired a new team motto: “This Team is on Fire”!


The Design Vision: Fire and Intensity

Hortonville’s school colors are red and black, which coordinated with their theme and new team motto perfectly. Coach Kiara said, “I knew I needed to design a uniform that matched the fire and intensity that they practice and perform with every day!” Working with The Line Up, she came up with a beautiful design that “made the flames stand out and sparkle!” A custom red flame design was printed onto the black and white garment with sublimation, and rhinestones were added for that extra flair.

Hortonville Flame Pom Uniform by The Line Up

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Topics: High School, Team Spotlight, Cheer, Pom & Gameday

Team Spotlight: Eye-Catching Designs for Chicago Radiance

Posted by thelineup on Feb 19, 2016

Chicago Radiance skating, The Line Up

Chicago Radiance Skating Club is ready to heat up the ice! This season, Coach Nicole contacted and shared with us her design ideas to style her Beginner, Pre-Juvenile and Intermediate synchronized skating teams. She had a tall order: 4 new competition dresses. Let's take a look at the results!

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Topics: Synchronized skating, Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight: St. Viator High School Dance Team Steps Out!

Posted by thelineup on Feb 18, 2016

St. Viator Dance Team uniforms, The Line Up


Not long ago, St. Viator High School dance program was on the verge of non-existence! Through perseverance, drive and dedication, these girls revived the program and hired an experienced coach last season to push them to the next level. Enter Coach Lindsay Jones. With the guidance of Coach Lindsay and the determination of the team, this dance program has been reinvented in less than a year! We're certainly impressed!

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Topics: High School, Cheer, Pom & Gameday, Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight: Chicago's All About Dance Brings Their Designs to Life

Posted by thelineup on Feb 11, 2016

all about dance yellow dance costume, two piece

All About Dance (AAD) is proud to be a part of Chicago's thriving dance community, and is a studio passionate about what they do. They focus on hard work, but above all they strive to create a warm and loving community for their dancers. They are a family, first and foremost. And we, at The Line Up, were honored to have the opportunity to work with them for the first time this year.

AAD came to us from Jen Kopka, the Company Director. Jen had worked with us before at her previous studio, and when she moved to AAD we were excited to hear she wanted to continue working with us! We asked her a few questions about her new studio and the costume process and loved what she had to say! Take a look:

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Topics: Team Spotlight, Dance Studio, Dance

Team Spotlight: Shattuck-St. Mary's New Synchro Team!

Posted by thelineup on Feb 9, 2016

Custom spangle and dye sublimated skate dresses for Shattuck-St. Mary's by The Line Up


The prestigious prep school Shattuck-St. Mary's is well-known for their hockey, golf, and figure skating programs, but did you know they recently added a synchronized skating program into the mix? Tucked away in beautiful Faribault, MN, Shattuck-St. Mary's synchronized skating team has worked hard to perfect their lines, footwork and spins.

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Topics: Synchronized skating, Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight: VCU Gold Rush Dance Team Sparkles on the Court

Posted by thelineup on Feb 3, 2016


One of the greatest benefits of working in the dancewear business is the opportunity to work with amazing teams and watch them grow and change over the years. And that's certainly true when it comes to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Gold Rush Dance Team. What’s especially great about this team is that these girls know what they want – and what did they want this year? Eye-catching sparkle!

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Topics: Team Spotlight, Cheer, Pom & Gameday, College

The Fierce Side of Jazz

Posted by thelineup on Jan 29, 2016

425-45, Gleason Pro Short, Gleason Mesh Top, Brookfield Skirt, 427-11, 504-7_6 copy, edgy dance crop tops


What is so incredibly unique about jazz is that is can take on so many different forms: from contemporary and fluid choreography, to bold and edgy movements. One of our favorite dancwear trends for the season? When jazz takes on a fierce edge!

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Topics: Dance, Costume Trends, Jazz, Lyrical, & Contemporary

TeamSpotlight: Chicago Radiance - All About the Warm-ups!

Posted by thelineup on Jan 27, 2016

Chicago Radiance Customized Legging by The Line Up

The first time I attended a Synchro Nationals competition, I remember being struck by 3 things: how bright colors transformed and popped on the ice, the way a fluttering skirt seemed to increase a skater’s velocity, and – most significantly - all of the matching team apparel. It seemed there was an unwritten rule that jackets, scarves, luggage, and even socks must coordinate - team spirit in full representation!

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Topics: Team Apparel & Warm-ups, Team Spotlight, Synchronized skating

4 Street-Inspired Hip Hop Looks!

Posted by thelineup on Jan 25, 2016
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Topics: Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Costume Trends

Team Spotlight: Breathtaking Design with St. Francis High School Dance Team

Posted by thelineup on Jan 19, 2016

St Francis High Kick Custom burgundy unitard 2015-2016

With soaring aspirations, Wisconsin's St. Francis High School Dance Team's challenge was to design their new high kick uniform with the dance theme of “God’s Breath.” Undoubtedly, they needed a look that would sparkle more than ever. Beth Obst, the team's adviser, described the vision for their new high kick costumes as “breathtaking”, we were excited to get started! This design needed to be nothing short of spectacular!

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Topics: High School, Dance, High Kick, Team Spotlight

Our 5 Favorite Theme Costume Ideas for 2016!

Posted by thelineup on Jan 15, 2016

Animal print catsuit dance costume by The Line Up

Who doesn't love a good theme?! From retro-themed numbers to military-esque routines, let your imagination run wild!

Many of these costumes are inspired by classic designs, adding a new twist to a throwback look: Fresh, new designs based on traditional themes like princesses and the production of Grease. And, much to our delight, what about a look back to the retro 1980's aerobics craze - which is close to our hearts because that's how The Line Up got its start 25 years ago. Yep, it all began with leos and leggings. We had a lot of fun working with those patterns and designs!

And now, without further ado, here are a few of our favorite hot themes of the season!

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Topics: Dance, Character & Theme, Synchronized skating, Costume Trends

TeamSpotlight: Regina Dance Team Goes to State

Posted by thelineup on Jan 8, 2016

2015 Regina Iowa dance team, costume by The Line Up

During the bustling months of November and December, most people are consumed in turkey, twinkle lights, cookies and wrapping paper. However, in the world of dance, the show never stops! For Iowa City’s Regina Dance team, that couldn’t be more true.

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Topics: High School, Team Spotlight, Dance

Team Spotlight: Designing New Uniforms for the Arizona Cardinals’ Cheer Team

Posted by thelineup on Jan 5, 2016

arixona cardinals Team photo.jpg

Color us proud! This last August, one of our very own local talents, Kristina Ferdig (a former Viking cheerleader and Line Up model) landed a new role as Director of Cheerleading for the Arizona Cardinals. Without skipping a beat, Kristina tackled her first task: Designing and ordering the team’s new uniforms.

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Topics: Team Spotlight, Professional Cheer - NFL, Cheer, Pom & Gameday

University of St. Thomas Dance Team: 2015 National Hip Hop Champions

Posted by thelineup on Jun 1, 2015

University of St. Thomas Dance Team 2014 2015, The Line Up, Holy Grail, Hip Hop Champions, black hip hop  costumes

Going a different direction on a dance, costume and theme is a risk many teams take. This past year, the University of St. Thomas Dance Team (located in Minnesota, not the island) took a major risk with a one song, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z "Holy Grail" routine at the 2015 UDA College National Championship and it paid off! We were eager to bring their costume vision to life and match the "JT swag" they were going for.

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Topics: Behind the Design, Team Spotlight, Hip Hop Dance, College, Dance

Thank You to Our Friend, Diane

Posted by thelineup on Aug 6, 2014

Last week, we lost our friend Diane Rawlings. All of us at The Line Up, one of the small businesses she consulted with, feel an immense loss. Her infectious positive attitude, energetic reception and entertaining stories made her training sessions a day to look forward to. Whether it was a multi million dollar business, small family enterprise or single person needing help, Diane was consistently committed to moving others toward something better. Her commitment to learning, teaching and developing others, with regard to the unique qualities we each have to offer, set her apart from others.

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Topics: Life at The Line Up

WCCO Morning News Clip

Posted by thelineup on Feb 18, 2014

Thanks to Ali, our friendly face at the front desk, The Line Up was on WCCO yesterday morning with Rachel Slavik. Ali was instrumental in arranging the event as well as showing up at 4:00 AM to get the displays in order, clean up the office and welcome the crew. She was till there at 5:00 in the afternoon packing and shipping merchandise for the NFL Cheerleading Director's Convention in California next week. We appreciate your hard work Ali!

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Houston Texans Dance with Vanilla Ice!

Posted by thelineup on Sep 26, 2013

On September 15, the Houston Texans got to dance with the one and only Vanilla Ice! Of course they had to have a special outfit for the event, and we were excited to help them out! Custom designed, white harem pants were the perfect addition to their previously made warm-up jacket to help them achieve the look. We love helping teams with specialty appearances and shows!

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Topics: Team Spotlight, Professional Dance - NBA

Happy Vikings Friday!

Posted by thelineup on Sep 20, 2013

We will find any excuse to have a dress up day, but one of our all-time favorite days at The Line Up is Vikings Fridays! Donning our purple and gold, everyone shows their team spirit here.

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Thursday Night Football Match Up!

Posted by thelineup on Sep 19, 2013

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs play head to head tonight on Thursday Night Football. You know we will be watching, looking for the Eagles girls in their new costumes!

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Topics: Team Spotlight, Professional Dance - NBA

Amy Fogarty, Professional Ballerina

Posted by thelineup on Sep 18, 2013

Amy Fogarty is a professional ballerina currently working with Boulder Ballet of Boulder, CO. Last February, she was featured in a special performance wearing TLU!

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